A Cheeky Shoes Review

I have some new shoes. For me, this is a big deal, because I am completely missing the shoe gene. My sister got those.

Anyhow, a few days ago, someone posted about a special deal on Cheeky Shoes. I  looked them up as I really, really needed a new pair of comfortable shoes to wear out and about.

I have dreadful feet. They are misshapen, have been broken and are scarred. They are always painful, even when I’m wearing trainers. Shoe shopping is a nightmare and I always end up with blisters.

Cheeky Shoes advertise themselves as making incredibly comfortable shoes. To be honest, the word comfortable did it for me. I  don’t really care what shoes look like as long as they’re comfortable.

I didn’t go for the special deal as I wanted my shoes as soon as possible. They cost less than £20 full price so what did I have to lose?

I ordered them on Wednesday, and they slipped through the mail slot on Friday. That’s what I call quick delivery.

I put them on immediately, them walked up to the school in them to see if they would be suitable for wearing to London that day. My feet felt fine and there was no hint of a blister so I kept them on and headed for the tube.

I’ve now worn my cheeky shoes around London for two days now and can’t sing their praises enough. The shoes are made from a mixture of Lycra and neoprene, so they support without chaffing or being restrictive. They are lightweight and colourful , and don’t make your feet too sweaty.

And my feet feel normal. It’s like I’ve wandered around barefoot all day.

I spilt coffee on my shoes yesterday and thought they might be stained permanently, but I rinsed them off with water last night and put them in our hot water cupboard to dry and they were fine to wear this morning.

So I’m sold on these shoes and want everyone to know about them. I’m going to buy another pair and my eldest wants some too.

Finally I have some shoes that aren’t trainers, and I have happy feet.

blue cheeky shoes






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