A Day At The Beach. In Norway.

Today dawned blue-skied and sunny.

‘Let’s go to the beach’, we decided. We weren’t going to let half a foot of snow stop us from enjoying some sunshine and the proximity to sand.

Coming from NZ,  the beach is the only thing I really miss,  so when our hosts mentioned there was a sandy beach only about 40 minutes away, my ears pricked up. I wanted it to see it.

DH was in a good mood from having seen the Northern Lights two days in a row, so was happy to go along with my plan, even though it meant driving 30km in the wrong direction to stock up for a picnic lunch first.

Finally, we were en route after an hour of chasing kids around the supermarket and deciphering food labels . We  were heading out to Sommerøya, a small island on the North-West coast of Norway and the drive was very pleasant.

The road was fairly clear of snow and ice and followed the fjord around, then involved a tunnel and lastly a single lane bridge similar to the one to Tromso. Once we were on the island, we discovered that the beaches were indeed sandy…and snowy.

kids playing on frozen beach

This didn’t bother the kids. Despite it being -3C, they rushed down to the water front in full snow gear, including gloves and spent a happy half hour throwing snow balls into the surf, poking frozen sea urchins and digging holes in the sand/snow.


Photo credit: Mr Mymumdom

Then typically they came roaring back to the van complaining of frozen ears and fingers, so we fed them a car picnic of ham sandwiches and crisps and we drove happily home.

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    • Ah, a South Islander! I hope none of your family were affected by the earthquakes?
      I was born in Hamilton myself, but oscillated between the Waikato and the Bay of Plenty over the years.
      Am in Greater London now.

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