A Dress Up Day/School Play Capsule Wardrobe Post

Today DD3 has a ‘Roman Day’ at school. The letter that came home outlining the day’s activities asked that the year 3 kids came into school ‘in character’, dressed as Romans. There were some details given about how to achieve this with sheets and scarves, and so, instead of heading for Amazon, I decided to send DD to school in a DIY costume.

Roman day in Pillowcase

I fully admit it’s a bit last minute but DD seemed happy enough about going to school in a holey pillowcase with a cord tied around her waist. I’m hoping she still feels the same way when she’s confronted by the large number of bought costumes I saw walking into school today. At least it’s an effort, aye?

I was discussing school dress up days with a friend of mine yesterday. Our school is remarkably light on them, thank goodness, but my friend is a veteran of many and we started talking about how parents of primary school kids really need to have a capsule wardrobe to hand for those last minute costume requests.

Then some other friends came forward with suggestions, so now I have a list of things that can be useful for parents of Primary school kids. Of course, not all schools get dressed up for all these days, so it’s always worth while asking around parents with children in older years to see what you should start stockpiling for forthcoming history days.

This is what we came up with.

Plain black top (long sleeved T shirt probably best- buy a couple of sizes up)
Plain white top ( angel/stars/bell/sheep)
Plain brown top (good for animals/ nativity plays)
leggings/tights/jogging bottoms in white/black/brown
table cloth/sheet ( toga/cape)
A couple of plain tea towels ( nativity plays, shepherds)
A couple of plain pillow cases that can be adapted for tunics ( Roman/Tudor days)
A belt of some sort- woven?  ( Roman days/tudor)
Plain scarves ( Mary/Joseph/Kings/Roman day)

Specific Days:
White shirt- collar cut off? ( victorian/tudor)
long black skirt for girls ( victorian)
Waistcoat ( Victorian)
Apron ( Victorian)
Cap/mop cap ( Victorian)
Pirate hat or scarf with skull and cross bones on ( Pirate day)
Stripey T shirt
Jacket/dress/long shorts ( WW2 evacuees)
Card board box and string for gas mask. ( WW2)

What do you think? Is that a comprehensive list or would you need to add some other items to cover the dress up days your school has? If you have any suggestions, please add them below.




2 comments on “A Dress Up Day/School Play Capsule Wardrobe Post

  1. The waistcoat is one of the most important in our house. It does Victorians, pirates, anything really. I found one when I wasn’t looking for it in H&M and it was about a fiver. It has been totally invaluable and fits all sorts of sized children.

    My advice: if you see one for a bargain – buy it!

  2. Length of any type of white material, can be used for Greek/roman/angel/gods costume.
    Gold or silver wrapping paper from the Christmas sales – instant covering of an item to make it look “expensive” (spray mount glue – essential item for any parent)
    Stapler (I have stapled more that one costume into place – obviously not into the child as they would only tell on me to the teacher. One time the Head handed back the pin is left in my child’s costume!!)
    Dark coloured cropped trousers cover pirates, Victorian, Edwardian, Tudor and book day characters.
    Harry potter outfit! Book days and parties.
    Onesie for animal costume!

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