A Lazy Bank Holiday Monday

It’s 11:30 am on a Bank Holiday Monday and the temperature in our back yard has already reached 26C. This is unheard of. I can’t remember the last time the sun shone like this on a Bank Holiday; usually it’s raining, or at least threatening to.

The official line is that we have ‘nothing’ planned for today. But of course having ‘nothing’  planned when you have kids bears absolutely no resemblance to the ‘nothing’ you can have planned when you are child free.

These days ‘nothing’ means getting four children up, supervising teeth brushing, ensuring they are dressed appropriately, making sure they have some breakfast and that they tidy up the kitchen after they have finished in there. And because it’s actually sunny, we’ll have to make sure they put on sunscreen as well.

Then there will be some refereeing  of the tablets and the remote control, and some yelling at various trouble makers to put a sock in it. There will be dogs to walk and of course the kids need to get out of the house too. There is a church fete up the road; perhaps we’ll take them for a walk up there and come home with various bits of tatt and painted faces, and at least £20 poorer for our trouble.

The children will want food at some point, so we’ll have to provide some lunch, I suppose. And we’ll also have to think ahead to tomorrow, when everyone is back to school and work, so we’ll have to do some washing at some point. At least that can be hung outside to dry.

There will also be homework to supervise, and music practice to listen to, before we start thinking about letting the kids go for a swim. The pool should amuse them for at least an hour though, and if we are lucky DH and I may actually be able to relax for a bit. I’ll probably end up pottering around the garden for a bit while they are splashing around instead.

Once the kids have finished swimming, we’ll send them up for a bath with instructions to get in their PJs afterwards. Then it will be dinner, a little TV, tooth brushing and reading then finally, bed for our offspring.

DH and I will probably follow soon after, once we’ve eaten, watched some crappy TV and had a glass of wine.

It’s exhausting doing nothing.

Warm bank holiday Monday







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