A Little Bit Of Snow

Last night, it seemed the whole country was holding its breath waiting for snow.

I laughed when this popped up on my Facebook timeline.

race yourselves, Facebook is about to turn into the ****ing weather channel


The thing about snow forecasts is, who do you trust? I know forecasting the weather is a tricky business and nothing is 100% certain but surely we aren’t expecting too much to ask a forecast to be right more than 50% of the time?

People have told me that the iPhone weather forecast is worst than useless, and I’m not that impressed by the Android version either. The BBC weather report often seems to contradict itself , so I usually stick to Netweather.tv. I like perusing the discussion forums although I’d never dare join in. Metcheck is another site worth a look, IMO.

The general consensus was that snow was forecast overnight.

Sure enough, this morning every second status update was related to the white stuff. Some people had it, some people didn’t. Some people wanted it , some people didn’t.

Here in Greater London we’ve had little more than a dusting and we are still getting the odd flurry. It’s not a lot and the tubes seem to be coping with it for a change. But to hear the kids squeals of delight when they looked out the window, you could be forgiven for thinking that Christmas had come again. Even my most slothful child was out of bed and dressed before 7:30am. This is a minor miracle for a Monday morning.

The school run took three times as long as it normally does as we had to keep stopping for the tops of walls to be scraped, in order for the kids to be able to fashion together something resembling a snowball.

scraping snow off tops of walls

And then we had to have the obligatory threatening your younger sister with your snowball photo.

Older girl holding snowball over younger girl's head

After which, we had the ‘snowball gloves’ photo. DS wasn’t sure about this snowy side effect at all and kept wanting to take his gloves off.

Snowy gloves

We eventually made it to  the school gates. The kids were whisked straight inside much to DS’s disappointment. Usually he hates the playground but I could see him eyeing up the snow lying in it today.

The kids aren’t the only ones enjoying the snow. This has been The Puppy’s first experience and he’s had a ball. First of all he didn’t want to go out in it, but now he knows he’s not going to melt, he’s been doing his best snowplough  imitations around our garden. I did manage to get him to sit still for  long enough to take a ‘First Snow’ photo. He looks like he has side burns in this photo!

Black dog in the snow
What little snow we had seemed to be melting as I typed, but the Ocado man has just been and told me we are in for more snow later this afternoon. I’m not usually reliant on delivery men as weather forecasters but this one must have hidden depths because I’ve just glanced out the window, and sure enough, there are some decent sized flakes falling from the sky.

We’ll see if it settles , but in the meantime I’m off out to walk the dogs in it.

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