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Mum of 4, kiwi in the uk, visiting vet, terrible cook,  reluctant cleaner, enthusiastic dog walker, willing taxi driver, resigned speech therapist, gardener, best mum in the world, skivvy, teacher, scapegoat, nurse, entertainer, worst mum in the world, judge and jury.
You name it, I probably do it!

10 comments on “About Me

  1. Loved your piece about The Lurcher. I find myself endlessly googling to find some reassurance that our version of The Lurcher is in fact trainable and will eventually stop springing straight off the ground to greet complete strangers, or hearing a small child’s voice and getting ready to run and bowl her over with love because it sounds like my 2 year old grandchild. etc etc. So far I’m not convinced I’ll ever get very far with her (I’m used to border collie and BC crosses). She is very very funny and I swear she has a sense of humour – but boy is she a challenge.. Lurcher Owners of the world unite…..

    • Yeah, I’m used to utility breeds too, BCs, dobermans ( or should that be dobermen?) and GSD and their crosses. Hounds are such a completely different experience! The Lurcher is now 2 and a half and she has settled down quite a bit.

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  3. Hi Jacq,

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