I am happy to review products and do sponsored posts or links on Mymumdom but they must be relevant to my blog and family. I also have a limit of 1 paid review or post per week.

I will always disclose payment or the provision of a product for review purposes.

In return, I can produce a high quality post giving my opinion of the product. Photos of the product and if appropriate, us using the product will be included. All content is my own; I do not alter my views on a product or service for payment.

Our ages and interests.

Me: In my 40’s. Likes reading, gardening, walking dogs, geocaching, wildlife, driving, travelling, photography, writing and gadgets.

DH: Almost 40. Likes Football, music, books, films, motor racing and travelling.

DD1:9 years. Likes horse riding, music (plays piano and double bass), singing, reading, gymnastics, crafts, swimming and reading.

DD2: 8 years: Likes singing, music (plays piano, recorder and trombone), reading, gymnastics, art, swimming and movies.

DD3: 5 years: Likes Disney movies (especially Bolt!), Lego, books, drawing, ponies and dogs.

DS: 3 years: Has verbal dyspraxia but no other special needs. Likes Thomas, movies, running around, kicking, climbing, Duplo and getting as filthy as possible.

We have most game consoles and gadgets, so are able to review a wide range of games and Apps. All children are computer and console literate.

We have a large garden that contains  an inground swimming pool.

Advertising rates start at £10 per month.

Please contact me at if you have any questions.



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