Another Last

When you have a child, your life is full of Firsts. They start with the classic milestones such as first smile, first steps then progress to first day at school and first lost tooth. And so it goes on.

But if you go on to have subsequent children, you start noticing Lasts as well. I think that the more children you have, the more meaningful lasts become. Last night in a cot, last bottle or boob, and last nappy are all ones I remember well. As your youngest child gets older, the Lasts start to increase and I think most parents do experience a moment of nostalgia for the babies that their children used to be.

Later on I ‘m sure I’ll spend time remembering the age my kids are right now, while I contemplate the teenagers, then the adults they have become. So I try to enjoy the moment and try not to focus on the past, or the future too much. Until we find a way of stopping time, it’s really all I can do- apart from take photos of course.

Last night we had another Last in our family. Our youngest daughter became a Brownie and it was the Last time we would attend a Brownie enrollment ceremony.

Becoming a Brownie

DH got off work early especially and we brought DS along to the ceremony as well. DD2 is already a Brownie on the same pack and DD1 is a Young Leader, so it was a real family affair.

There were five new Brownies enrolled last night so we had to sit through them all. Poor DS found it a bit tedious but he got a drink and some cake, so he coped.

DD3 was the smallest Brownie there but I think she had the biggest voice of them all. She took the Brownie Promise and Law very seriously and made sure she was first downstairs this morning to set the breakfast table as her ‘good turn’ for the day. I don’t know how long that helpfulness will last but I’m happy to accept it while it lasts.

Here she is after her ceremony, proud and happy to be a ‘real’ Hedgehog at last.

A new Hedgehog in the Brownies

If you are interested in your DD joining the Rainbows, Brownies or Guides, you can read more about the organisation here. Waiting lists can be long in many areas, so it’s worthwhile putting your daughter’s name down sooner rather than later. Why not do it now?




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