Babies! We have Babies!

Baby chicks that is, not human babies before any of my ILs read this and get too excited.

This morning when we checked on Mama Tit, she was sitting tight on her nest, as she has been for the last few days. Her mate has really got the hang of feeding her lately and seems to be in and out of the box with food all the time.

We knew the eggs were due to hatch soon, but I had expected this to happen tomorrow not today. So when Mama tit got up off the nest and something appeared to move below her, at first I thought it was a feather.

Then I had a closer look, and I saw these.

3 chicks, 7 eggs

3 little chicks and 7 eggs, but no sign of any broken shell anywhere. The parents must be super vigilant about removing it.

The kids were fascinated and watched the nestcam instead of TV this morning.  There were complaints when it was time for the school run.

Sometimes mum would stay on the nest and only hop off when the male appeared with food for his offspring. Sometime both the adults would go off to find food and sometimes they seemed to struggle to feed their babies effectively.

In the end she does the sensible thing and eats the unwanted caterpillar herself.

I suppose the chicks are only newly hatched and quite tired at this stage and will become more demanding as they grow . I know they look pretty horrible at this stage but I feel quite clucky over them, in a way I don’t often get over human babies!

As for the rest of the eggs, when will they hatch? Well, about an hour later, after the school run, I checked the nest again and another three had hatched!

6 chicks, 4 eggs

It looks like half a hatched egg has been pushed onto the intact egg in the lower left of the nest. I hope this doesn’t make it too difficult for the chick that is in that egg to get out.

It’s been lovely watching these birds nest, and the chicks hatch but I am now worrying that something will go wrong as they grow. I know the kids (and adults)  in this house would be very upset.

Fingers crossed that  the rest of the chicks hatch okay and everything makes it to fledginghood.



5 comments on “Babies! We have Babies!

  1. I really really really REALLY want one of these nest boxes, such a great thing for the kid to see and enjoy

    • Unless it all goes wrong.
      I have nightmares about the parents being predated and us getting to watch the babies die of starvation….:(

  2. I don’t know how you’re prising yourself away from it! When Easter Eggs Live was on Channel 4, I was obsessed and watching the webcams for hours; if I could actually watch chickies hatching in my own nest box, I would never move from the screen.

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