Back From Lapland.

We are back from 4 days and 3 nights in Saariselka, with Esprit.

Saariselka is in Northern Lapland, and sits within the Arctic Circle. At this time of the year the sun never rises. From about 10 am, until 2 pm, the area enjoys a kind of twilight and then, suddenly, it’s dark again. It makes the UK look positively tropical, even on an overcast, drizzly day like the one we arrived back to, at Gatwick, today.

Despite the lack of sunshine, the days were long. We had a lovely, magical, unforgettable time but have arrived back in the country tired and grumpy. Real Life has come crashing down around us.

There is washing to be done and I’m uncomfortably aware of the mountain of gifts that need wrapping sometime before Christmas. And I really need to write down all the adventures we had before they disappear into the black hole that passes for my memory these days.

But I need to prioritise and having clean clothes takes precedence at the moment, I’m afraid. Followed closely by gift wrapping.

So the blog comes last, I’m afraid. Tomorrow, I’ll write something more detailed I promise.

So for tonight, here’s a few pictures to whet your appetite and prepare you for tales of how we severely underestimated how long it could take to get 6 people dressed for outdoor activities in subzero temperatures, educate you about what to do if a harnessed reindeer tries to run over your 3 year old and reassure you that no matter what daft stunts your children get up to on the snow and ice, they will (probably) survive even if you don’t have your eyes on them for every single second on holiday.

Especially if you dress them correctly.

The kids dressed to within an inch of their lives. No matter how many times they fell over, they were unable to hurt themselves.

Lots of snow. Easy to fall over in, not so easy to get up from.


Boarding the plane, Ivalo style. This amount of snow and ice would shut down London airports without a doubt but is a fact of day to day life in North Lapland.




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