Best Photos of 2012

I’m no photographer but I do love taking photos. And I do like posting them on my blog; linkys like The Gallery and Silent Sunday help break up my sometimes word-heavy week of posting.

Today is the last day of 2013 and and I’m linking this post up with the talented TheBoyAndMe and her Photographic Flashback of 2012.

Her challenge to us was to choose 12 photos, one for each month, out of all the photos we’ve taken over the whole year. This has not been an easy task, but here are my 12. I decided to chose ones that had my family in them, rather than ones where I’d attempted to be arty farty. There are less of the older DDs as they are not so happy about being photographed as they get older, and I can’t be bothered chasing them around for the sake of a shot.


flying swings at funfair

The girls on the swinging chairs at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.


Boy and girl in a big bubble

DD3 and DS’s joint birthday party.

DS not sure about being in a bubble; he had to wear his coat. DD was disappointed that the bubble wasn’t a sphere that would float away with her in it.


Family picnic in the woods

Off for a family picnic in the woods.


Son and father riding a camel in the desert , in Jordan

DS  riding a camel with DH in the Jordanian desert



DD2 and friends watch the balloon race start at the School Spring Fair.



Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee with Queenie.


 Boy at the top of a ridge

DS at the top of a caldera called Kerid in Iceland.


Sillhouettes of a family on the beach

 Watching the sunset on the beach in Swakopmund, Namibia.


a family of children in brown and yellow school uniform

All four at school. At last.


children sitting on wooden chair in woods

Did you hear the one about the wooden TV? It wouldn’t work! (Groan)



DS and The Lurcher at the local Remberance parade.


 transporting Christmas tree by car

Bringing the tree home.

Well, that’s it for 2012.

See you next year!

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