Brace Watch; 12/14 Months On

Another late one, which means there will be another update along very soon.

DD1 went back to the Orthodontist at the beginning of February; a year after her braces first went on. The Orthodontist felt that her canines weren’t coming down the way they should, so she removed DD’s wire completely, and left her with just the brackets.

This is what her teeth looked like before treatment started in January 2013.

impacted canine teeth upper jaw
And this  is her mouth now, at the beginning of April 2014.

retained canines. 12 months of braces

You can see that DD’s canines have come right down now after a couple of months of no wire attached to the brackets. Hopefully the wire will go back on to start the job of straightening again, at her next appointment which is…well, who knows?

We had an appointment for last week which we had to cancel, so are now on the ‘waiting list’ for an appointment. Last time this happened DD didn’t get seen for 4 months. The joys of NHS treatment, eh?

The possible good news is that our Orthodontist is leaving and we are getting a new one. She’s supposed to be very nice, which will make a change as the one we have at the moment is very brusque and not at all empathetic when DD gets worried about some aspect of her treatment.

But we’ll see. Right now, we are just holding out for another appointment with whoever we can get, after which I will update ‘Brace Watch’ promptly for a change.

2 comments on “Brace Watch; 12/14 Months On

  1. Interesting that your orthodontist didn’t bracket the canines. Toby’s braces are also for retained canines and his were bracketed and wired as soon as enough tooth was through (3 of the 4 at the first session). After 10 months his teeth are straight and we’re on course for 18 months total treatment time.
    I guess it just shows the different approaches!

    • Her canines have had brackets on before but they were taken off at the last appointment. She is supposed to have braces on for 2 years but I think it will be longer and I am not sure this orthodontist is very good…

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