Brace Watch 16 Months

Last week, DD1 finally went back to get the wire on her braces again.

Almost 4 months previously, the orthodontist had decided her gums were too inflamed and her canines hadn’t come down enough, and had taken off the wire. By the time we managed to get another appointment, her teeth looked like this.
braces month 14
You can see her canines have come down, but her second incisors are way out of line with her front teeth.

We haven’t been impressed with her treatment on the NHS. We’ve found it very hard to get appointments and the orthodontist has not been very helpful with regards to DD’s anxieties. When we found out that there was another orthodontist who would be operating out of  the dental practice we attend, we asked if we could move. Usually, it is very difficult to change orthodontists once you have started NHS treatment, so I had to go through  my complaints with the practice manager, but we got permission to change. Hooray!

Of course, the new orthodontist might not be any better than the old, but I’ve generally heard good things about NHS orthodontics so I remain hopeful.

Last week was the last time we will see the old one, and she  put the wire back on DDs teeth. DD was really uncomfortable for the first few days, but feels better now and you can see that her front teeth have moved back into line pretty quickly. The RHS canine still doesn’t have a bracket on but will hopefully move down to the gap on that side.

Wire on braces 16 months
In a month’s time we have an appointment to see the new orthodontist. so it will be interesting to see what she makes of what has been done so far.

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