Brace Watch: Month 4

This morning we had DD1’s second appointment to have her braces adjusted.

She was a lot more nervous than I would have expected, but I think part of this is due to the attitude of the orthodontist she sees. This young woman is very abrupt and impatient with my daughter, who gets quite anxious about anything that might hurt. The thought of having to see this woman for another year and a half has led me to look into the possibility of changing orthodontists, but I have been told that this will lengthen DD’s treatment period so we are just going to have to grin (?) and bare it.

My advice to any parents out there, about to hand their child over to the NHS  for orthodontic care, is to have a chat to others who have used that particular orthodontist and ask if they would recommend them. I probably wouldn’t recommend ours just because of her miserable attitude and have since learnt there are much nicer ones around. Of course, where you live you may not have much choice, but forewarned is forearmed and all that!

A couple of weeks after DD had her last adjustment, the bracket fell off one of her molars and she had a bit of pointy wire sticking into her gum. We had a hard time getting an extra appointment. This is another thing prospective orthodontic parents might want to ask; what happens if your child’s braces need attention between regular checkups?

Anyhow, back to today. This is what DD’s teeth looked like before her appointment this morning.

4 months of braces

From the last update, you can see her canine teeth have really come down in line with her other teeth. This is good news as DD had some teeth extracted especially to make room for her canines. I am a little worried about the right hand side  2nd incisor that doesn’t have a bracket on it. It seems to be retreating further and further back, but when I asked at what sort of point they think about bringing it back into line, the orthodontist got quite snippy with me.

Random incisor

The bad news is that DD hasn’t been brushing her teeth properly and there is some plaque build up on them. We got quite a lecture about this, as if the brackets are not brushed around carefully you can end up with marks on your teeth from them.  I have been leaving DD to brush her teeth by herself but will now make sure that I supervise her more closely.

We have got her a softer tooth brush, some tepe sticks and some plaque disclosing tablets to help her do a better job of keeping everything clean.

At the appointment today, DD had the wire replaced ( no rubber bands offered this time!)  but her rouge tooth has been left bracketless again. DD really likes her ‘random’ tooth and isn’t the least bothered by it. It’s just me worrying that the gap it’s supposed to go into might close up  in the meantime.

In fact DD is noticeably more confident about her teeth now she has braces, than she was before they were applied. She’s happier to smile and show her teeth in photos than she has been for years, so this orthodontic work is definitely stressing me out more than it is her!

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  1. It does seem really odd that they haven’t bracketed that tooth – it would seem logical to get all those in alignment at the same time? I think Leona is probably going to need similar braces to bring her eye teeth down – and that’s exactly what I needed as a kid too.

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