Brace Watch: Month 8

On Friday DD1 finished school early and had her braces adjusted for the 3rd time since she got them.

She’s now at secondary school where they are not so happy about her taking time off for orthodontist appointments and the like; they prefer you make these for outside school hours. But our orthodontist is a tricky customer with limited appointments. We’ve learnt that you have to take them when they are offered. DD was going to have to miss double French for the appointment but I considered her attendance to be essential, as her braces haven’t been looked at since May!

DD’s school is 20 minutes drive away, and our dentist is close to home, so we had to factor in 40 minutes travel into the plan. We have to go and pick the girls up from the school office, they can’t just leave school for appointments, so it all took time and we were predictably a little late for our appointment.

DD was nervous, but the Orthodontist was in a good mood for a change. Although as brisk as usual, she told DD she was doing a great job of brushing, then removed the old wire and replaced it with a tighter one. She also put a bracket on DD’s ‘left behind’ tooth and added an extra bit of wire to include it in the brace. DD also has some lovely turquoise rubber bands this time around.

braces Month 8

DD found this adjustment left her teeth and jaw sore for 3-4 days and had to take ibuprofen to get help her sleep at night but she’s finally feeling comfortable again now.

It’s amazing how quickly teeth move. Only 4 days after being included in the brace, her left behind tooth has almost caught up to her other front teeth. Now her canines just have to come down properly- only another 16 months or so to go!

Braces 8 months on


4 comments on “Brace Watch: Month 8

  1. Roll on 16 months eh? The dentist has told us S will have to have railway tracks. Her milk eye teeth are still stubbornly stuck and she will prob have to have them out in a few weeks and then braces. The top teeth are too crowded for the milk ones to wobble about which is why they are not coming out apparantly and her adult ones are to the front making her look a bit vampiric!

  2. It is amazing how soon the teeth move – T, like your dd, had ‘stuck’ canines. He had the two teeth immediately in their way taken out (and 2 at the bottom as well), and by the time his brace was fitted a fortnight later, 3 out of the 4 stuck teeth had come through enough to receive a bracket. Last week he had the final two teeth that hadn’t received a wire attached into the brace.
    I’m told by friends that the teeth move into place very quickly, but the orthodontist will spend most of the next year or so fiddling about to get them just perfect 😉

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