My Sunday Photo

This week we got some of our windows replaced.

Two things.
Number one, don’t get this done in winter. Especially when snow is forecast. Luckily they don’t leave you with great holes in your house overnight.

Number two, bay windows are VERY expensive! Bear this in mind if you are buying a house with bays, and you think you might replace the windows at some point.

New windows
Never mind, it’s all done now but thank goodness we don’t have to do it too often.

Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

Christmas is only 8 weeks away and I’m very busy needle felting items for a couple of Christmas markets I’m planning on doing. I’m hoping this might be a good time of year for me, so I’m trying to spend every spare minute making something for my stall.

I’m making a mixture of hanging decorations,


Small 2D pictures of robins suitable for framing or cards,

And a variety of small sculptures in various styles.

If you want to keep an eye on what I’m up to, you can follow me on Instagram or Like me on FaceBook.

It’s hard to limit myself to making things I’ve made before. People keep asking me if I make badgers or camels or bears, but I need to focus on making a few of the same thing at the moment.

Now is not the time for experimenting, that will come later, but it’s just so much fun!

Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

Usually, when I get home from the morning school run, I am greeted by two hopeful dog faces wanting a walk.

A couple of weeks ago we changed the rooms in the house around a bit and converted what used to be my DH’s study into a bedroom, so that the kids can all have a bedroom each. This means we have a downstairs bed, and the dogs think it has been put there especially for them.

There is intense competition for it and the rule seems to be; You move, You lose.

So these days, when I return from the school run, I only have one hopeful face at the door. The other face is attached to a body busy snoozing, usually upside down on the bed in my DDs new room.

Such a great watch dog!


Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

DS has a number of physical issues but the one that troubles him the most is his hypermobility.

His handwriting suffers most, in class he rarely manages to grip his pencil for more than 5 minutes before his hand hurts too much to write anymore. One of the things the occupational therapist has asked him to do  is ‘play’ with some of this theraputty before he starts writing. It’s supposed to strengthen the muscles in his hands and warm them up before he starts work.

On Monday, I got a phone call from Welfare. ‘ There is no need to worry, but we just wanted to make you aware that DS has managed to get a bit of putty in his hair.’ I have to say this was a new call from the school about one of my children, so I have to give DH full marks for originality. But to say he had a ‘bit’ of putty in his hair, is like saying that the fate of the Titanic was a ‘bit’ of a disaster.

Everyone who saw it just shook their head and said ‘Oh Dear’.

DS had no idea how the putty got there. Apparently one moment he was holding it in his hands, the next it was in his hair. Surprise!

When he got home, I combed some out and then, once my ears had stopped ringing from the screaming, I did a bit of Googling. Apparently what we needed was baby oil.

DH bought some home and DS sat around for 30 minutes with half a bottle of oil dissolving the pink putty. Five lots of shampoo later, DS had some very clean, putty-free hair.

At least we didn’t need to cut it out.

Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

I’ve never been any good at crafts like sewing, knitting or crocheting. I can do them, but they always seemed like such an effort and I’ve never really enjoyed them.

Last Christmas, DH bought me a needle felting kit and I seemed to get on with it from the start. Most importantly, I enjoyed it.

A lot of people don’t know what needle felting is, but basically you use a specially barbed needle to stab bits of wool into shapes or patterns. It’s very therapeutic. Some felties contain wire or pipe cleaner armatures, or skeletons; wool is wound around these in layers to create the desired shape and colours.

I’ve had a go at making all sorts of different things and now I attend a local craft market every month. People ask me to make them things, usually animals or figures, and mostly seem to like what I produce.

Last week someone asked me to make her some small pictures for Christmas cards and this is the first of those.  I’m pretty pleased with it as I love robins.

If you are interested in seeing what else I make, check out my FB page and if you fancy trying a (new) craft, can I suggest needle felting? But be warned, it’s very addictive!


Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

This is an orchid I got for Mother’s day in 2015. It had blue flowers then, obviously dyed, and I knew if it ever flowered again the blooms would be white.

The flowers lasted for ages, but eventually died and the plant lost the stem and leaves and looked like it was dead. I tried a few different things to get it growing again, and in desperation moved it to the very sunny kitchen windowsill, chucked some water at it occasionally and left it alone.

Of course, because it was being neglected it grew two new leaves, and when I got back from holiday I found it had flowered. This is one of the flowers but it now has five. My kids think the centre looks like a Pokemon.

Orchids really are very awkward plants.
Orchid from Tesco

Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

Last Thursday was my birthday. It was also the first day of the school holidays for us. This was not a good combination as the kids were overexcited and over tired and DH didn’t get home until almost 9pm as the Metropolitan line fell over.

I has to wait the entire day for my presents. Three of the kids took gifts DH had bought and wrapped, and claimed them for their own to give to me.

But DD2 is 13 and used her own pocket money to buy me this cup from the local shops.

I have to point out that I turned 46 on Thursday, so was NOT born in 1995, but apparently ‘It was the oldest one they had’.

This makes me feel very old indeed.

Happy Birthday to me!

born in 1995 cup

Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

Last Sunday I took my 14 yo eldest into London to meet a friend she had met online.

I know it sounds like something out of a cautionary tale, but I was going to be right there with her, making sure her friend was actually a young girl, and not some internet weirdo. And as DD pointed out, I have plenty of friends I met online myself.

So, come Sunday, there we were , on the train into town. DD had arranged the meeting place, Hamleys, and knew what her friend looked like. Her friend was going to be with her mother too.

So we got to Hamleys, and there was no friend to be seen. DD realised she didn’t have a phone number for her friend (duh!), and while she tweeted her, we wandered around Hamleys and accidentally spent £50 on stuff we didn’t need.

Finally DD’s friend replied, they were supposed to have met in Harrods! Just in case you don’t know this, Hamleys is not right next door to Harrods.

So we got in a cab and trundled across London to a store I’d normally not ever step foot in.

DD’s friend was very sweet and her mother was nice too, and we sat in the cafe in Harrods and had a coffee while the girls blethered on about YouTubers.  This was mine, it cost over £5.

I don’t know if everyone gets this sort of message with their cappuccino in Harrods, but it’s awfully familiar, don’t you think?!

Hi Darling coffee

Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

This week DD3 was invested as a cub. She’s a bit old as she’s already turned 10, but her Brownies group closed down at the end of last year and one of her friends asked if she’d like to join her cub group so they could go on a camp together!

She’s been attending the group since Easter and enjoying it very much. Last week she made her ( non religious) promise and joined the group properly.  She also attends Guides with her sisters on a different night but come September she’ll have to decide which path to follow, Scouts or Guides, as both are on the same night.

I have to admit I am hoping she will choose Guides as I haven’t worked out how I will clone myself for pick ups yet!

As you can see, our dogs had to be in the photo too. F loves to smile for the camera!

F and L cub


My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo

It’s a year ago today that we lost our lovely Lurcher, Willow. If you want to hear the full story, you can read about it here.

If you don’t have time, all you really need to know is it involved a fox, a van and specialist vet care that cost over £8K. After which she died anyhow.

We had some insurance, but not enough. At least we know we did everything we could for her.

A year on, I have dreaded the run up to this day but now it’s here, it’s not so bad.  We’ve looked at photos and told stories about her and earlier this week I spent some time making a little Lurcher feltie that is supposed to look like her.

The dog-shaped hole she left has been filled by a rescue dog who has fitted in to our family well, but of course there is never any filling the Willow-shaped hole.

We still miss her pointy nose, hairy butt and mad zoomies last thing at night.

I just can’t believe a whole year has passed since we last saw her.

Willow Feltie

My Sunday Photo