A Monday Moan: Delivery Companies.

Don’t get me wrong; I started the day in a reasonably good mood, given it’s Monday!

But some delivery companies take the p*ss, they really do.

Just because I’m a ‘housewife’ doesn’t mean I’m at home all day, every day and no, I’m not able to ‘ensure someone will be in from 9am-5pm’. I have school runs, and nursery runs and dogs to walk. And on the odd occasion I have delegated everything and called in favours left, right and centre in anticipation of an impending delivery, the buggers have invariably failed to deliver. I know I’m not alone in this experience either. read more

It’s The Weekend Again.

That was a very quick week. Only two days of school and now it’s Saturday. Thank god.

It’s been a busy old week in Mymumdom.

Monday was a holiday and I dragged the whole fan-damily into town to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. No one was very keen but once we got there they all had fun. It was heaving though, and very cold. DS loved the Little Blue Train ride, the girls loved the chair swings and I made everyone go on the Big Wheel. It was sunset and we got great views across London but god, it was high. It felt very stable but the capsules weren’t totally weather proof and the wind was whipping through it. I liked it best after we had done our three rotations and were back down on terra firma again. I did have a little laugh at the VIP capsule ( labelled as such) with the blacked out windows though. read more

What Am I Doing Here?

No, I’m not mulling over the meaning of life this early in the school term; this is the phrase I find myself muttering more and more often these days.

There I am standing in the middle of a room with absolutely no idea of what I’m doing there. I know I’m supposed to be doing or getting something. But what?

Sometimes retracing my steps and going back to what I was doing immediately before my memory lapse can help. Yeah, I know; I can always remember what I had been doing before. Weird, aye? It’s like something has erased part of my rewind mechanism! read more

So It’s 2012.

I know, I know. I’m supposed to be all excited. 2012 is supposed to be great year for some reason, but no one seems to know exactly why. Is it the Queen’s Jubilee? Is it The Olympics? Is the Economy finally going to turn around? What and Why?

Some people think it’s going to be our last one on account of the Mayan Calendar ending, so I guess we should be making the most of it. I just can’t seem to get enthusiastic about it.

So I’ve been doing some thinking, as I usually do when I have an unexplained niggle about something, and I’ve come up with a couple of thoughts that might explain why I’m not excited about 2012. read more

Dear Santa…

It’s the second Saturday before the Big Day and the kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement. They broke up from school yesterday and don’t go back until the 5th of January. That’s 2 and a half weeks, Santa, and god help me, even the nursery is closed so I’ve got a full complement of 4 kids in the house the whole time.

They are writing their letters to you at the moment and their lists are full of toys, games, books and sweets. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that they will get 75% of the things they ask for, with or without your help.  I don’t know if you’d call our children spoiled but they certainly don’t want for much.

However, there are few things I’d like them to have that they haven’t asked you for, so I thought I might write you a letter myself. Maybe you can help, maybe you can’t but  I figure what have I got to lose? read more

The Christmas Card Question.

I hate sending Christmas cards. Every year I think about boycotting them, but it appears 2011 is not going to be that year.

It seems such a waste of paper, money and time to me, but every year I take a ‘special’ photo of the kids, upload it onto Photobox and send them out to friends and family.

Some of these people live on the other side of the world, and I haven’t seen them for years. I like to think it’s nice for them to see how the kids have grown since last year. Now and again I’ve been tempted to chuck in a round robin type update, but most of these people are FB friends or read my blog,so they know all the important stuff anyhow.As for the rest, I’m not sure I want them to know anything more than the basics. read more

Forty Four-Eyes.

When I was 8 years old, something strange happened.

The blackboard started going blurry when I was trying reading it, and I was having to sit closer and closer to the front of the class to be able to see anything. The teacher had noticed my behaviour and suggested my mother take me for an eye test. I was too scared to tell my mother myself; I thought I was probably going blind and was terrified they would give me a white stick. In hindsight I should have been more worried about the awful gold rimmed glasses I was issued with.

They completed a trifecta ensuring I remained the least popular girl in the school; I was fat, I was painfully shy and now I was a Fatty Four Eyes. read more

The Gallery: Faces.

This is my 80 year old Nana with my 8 week old son. It was taken 3 1/2 years ago on Papamoa Beach in New Zealand, the last time the whole family went back to visit.

I don’t hear from my grandmother very much these days. I fell out with my mother a couple of years ago and no longer talk to her. As a result, I have no contact with anyone on my mother’s side of the family, even relatives who I thought might not just give up on our relationship because of a family spat. It’s always interesting when you find out just how little you mean to people. My grandmother emailed me regularly for a while, but over the last year communication has been sparse. I don’t know if it’s because she’s pissed off with me, or if she’s unwell. My biggest fear is that she will die and no one will tell me. I love this photo because it reminds me of happier times. read more

Introducing Otis Spunkmeyer.

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful neighbour. Actually she lives across-the-road, rather than next-door but she’s still a neighbour, right? Anyhow, she’s wonderful.

First,  she’s a little bit older than me, with slightly older children,  so she’s a fount of wisdom about turning 40 and beyond. And if I phone to tell her about something dreadful my children have done, she can always tell me about the time her boys did something worse. She holds a spare set of keys for me and takes in packages for us when I’m not home. She doesn’t mind when I ring her to ask if she’s got an egg or a couple of slices of bread I could borrow.  And she’s American, which means she introduces us to all sorts of delights from across the pond.

I’ll never forget the day I first set eyes on her ‘4th of July’ cake; a recreation of the American flag using only sponge cake, strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. My children had never imagined such a thing existed and were hugely disappointed when I explained it was something very special, that could only be made by Americans. Life is full of disappointments.

Anyhow, this paragon of a woman belongs to Costco and a couple of months ago she introduced us to these pre-formed, ready to bake, chocolate-chip biscuits that come in a frozen pack of 72. They go straight into the oven from the freezer and 16 mins later you have warm biscuits to feed your little darlings after school. They are absolutely gorgeous straight out of the oven, but I’m told if you leave them to cool for 5 mins or so they go all chewy.

I’m sure someone out there will tell me that they make fabulous chocolate chip cookies from scratch, on a daily basis, but I’m an extraordinarily bad cook and so far these have proved to be foolproof. And best of all, there is no washing up.

A Brand New Blog.

I don’t make New Years resolutions, because I never keep them, but have decided the beginning of a new year is a good time to get into a routine of doing some more writing. I always say I want to and I don’t want it to be one of those things I regret on my deathbed. Blogging seems a convenient way of telling a bunch of strangers random bits about my life while putting my words down in black and white, so here I am.

I was born in the Southern Hemisphere but live in the UK, with my DH and 4 kids. Our 3 eldest are at school, the youngest at nursery part time and I do a bit of work here and there as it crops up. We have two dogs, share two cats with the neighbours and own two cars, one of which hasn’t been driven since November, 2010.

Most of this blog will be about my Mumdom- the ‘mummy’ bit of my life- but I imagine it’ll stray into other areas now and again.