Tarzan Disc Winners

I used a random number program to pick two numbers to correlate with replies. The numbers picked were 5 and 6, so congratulations to Beth and Emma-Yoga.

Please email your addresses to imthemummy @ mymumdom.com and I will arrange for your merchandise packs and discs to be sent to you.

Tarzan: A Review and Competition


My children think they know it all when it comes to the story of  Tarzan. There are a number of other films, TV series and spin offs of the Tarzan story out there and they have seen most of them, so they weren’t wildly enthusiastic about sitting down and watching this movie when it was sent to us for review. I think they thought it was one they had already seen!

Anyhow, we all settled down to watch it together and it is quite different from other versions.

Yes, baby Tarzan is tragically orphaned in the middle of the jungle and is bought up by apes. Yes, he grows up to be healthy, strong and remarkably civilised, for someone who was raised by gorillas. And then a pretty, young woman called Jane wanders into the jungle, crosses paths with Tarzan and of course they fall in love. It all sounds familiar so far, doesn’t it?

However, in this version of the tale, Jane is a dedicated conservationist, Tarzan’s parents died in a helicopter crash and the ‘bad guy’ is the CEO of the company founded by Tarzan’s parents. The CEO  is on the trail of a completely unique energy source and is not about to let anything ( or anybody) get in his way. It’s quite a dark tale and unlikely to appeal to younger viewers.

My middle two daughters ( 8 and 10 ) enjoyed the conservation/sci fi twist to this movie’s story line the most. My 6 yo DS  found it a bit scary in places and my 12 year old called it ‘BOR-ring’ ( but watched the entire movie anyhow).

I quite liked some of  the CG animation and the conservation theme running through the plot, but feel this is movie made with older children and tweens in mind. I would recommend that it’s worth a look if you have children who like CG animation and don’t mind a variation on otherwise familiar stories.

We were sent a disc to review and also have 2 merchandise packs, which include a Tarzan DVD, a branded t-shirt, a rucksack and a water filter, to give away.

If you’d like to win one, then please comment on this blog post. I will draw the winner at noon on the 10th September.

A Tiger’s Tail Winners

I used a random number generator at www.random.org to generate three numbers from 1-17.

The numbers it offered me were 5, 4 and 11, so if  Helen Hutchison, Mandy and Lucy let me know their postal addresses, then I will pass them onto the company who are providing the discs.

I actually know all of these winners personally, which I know looks a bit dodgy, but I promise this was an honest draw!

Enjoy the film, ladies. I hope it earns you a little peace and quiet during the holidays.

A Tiger’s Tail Review And Competition

tiger's tail

If you are anything like me, you are probably looking for ways to keep your children entertained for an hour or so during the school holidays. The Electronic Babysitters ( aka TV/ internet) are all very well but you do need to keep an eye on what your kids are actually watching, as suitability between programs/pages can vary. This is where a nice, safe, U rated video can come in very handy and with any luck you might get a bit of peace and quiet too.

A Tiger’s Tail is the very cute, light-hearted story of what happens when a  tiger cub escapes from a local wildlife park by climbing into a boy’s backpack.  Billy, the backpack’s owner, his dog and his best friend get into all sorts of trouble trying to return Luna, the cub, to the wildlife park. The friends have a run in with the local bullies, use their secret  to impress the ‘girl next door and spend a lot of time trying to stop Luna from destroying the family home. Predictably the baby tiger steals the show from the human actors, although the dog is pretty good too.

This movie is ideally suited to children who like watching animal movies and is probably of  interest mainly to children under the age of ten. My 8 and 6 year olds found parts of it hilarious, but my older two (11 and 12) got a bit bored once they had got over the cuteness factor. They did, however, really enjoy the ‘Training the Animals’ and ‘Animal Blooper’ segments of the disc.

A Tiger’s Tail is the kind of movie you can safely put on to watch without having to worry that anyone might see something unsuitable, although you may have to watch them closely during future visits to zoos and wildlife parks.

We were sent a copy of A Tiger’s Tail to review and I also have three copies of this sweet movie to give away. If you’d like to win one,  just reply to this post and I will draw the winners at noon next Thursday ( 7th August).

Win a Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar

It’s almost December, and one of the Christmas Traditions we have in this house is the daily opening of the Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar. I’ve used them for their excellent ecards for years and certainly got my money’s worth out of them, but their Advent Calendars are the most fun you can have online at Christmas.

Last year we enjoyed every day of the Alpine Village calendar but this year we’ve chosen the new Edwardian Period calendar, as something different.

Jacquie Lawson EdwardianThis is what the Jacquie Lawson Website have to say about their latest offering:

‘Our new Edwardian period Advent Calendar will transport you to a grand English country house as the staff make the elaborate preparations for Christmas. You can even help with the decorations yourself, while every day there’s a delightful little animated story to watch, or a fun new game to play. Explore the magnificent house and gardens, settle down in the Library to read fascinating facts about the period, and enjoy our gorgeous artwork, beautifully observed animation, and atmospheric Christmas music.’

And thanks to Jacquie Lawson giving me a free Calendar when I renewed my annual card subscription, I now have one to give away. If you’d like it, all you need to do is have a look through Jacqui Lawson’s Christmas/ Winter Cards and let me know which is your favourite in a comment below.

It’s going to have to be a speedy giveaway so that you can have the calendar uploaded on their computer ready for Sunday, therefore I’ll draw a winner at 8 pm tomorrow.

Only two days to go until we can start exploring our calendar. The kids are hugely excited.

And the random number drawn is number 8.  SaraJ, please email me on jacqmitkins@gmail.com and I’ll send you the code and instructions.


And The Poppet Goodie Bag Goes To…

poppetmoshimonsterThe random number drawn was number 10, Katy Tutt.

Katy, I hope your daughter likes her Poppet goodie bag containing a Poppet notebook, lockable diary, stationary set, pencil case, Poppet sunglasses in a fabulous Poppet handbag, all in Poppet’s favourite colour, pink!

You have 24 hours to contact me with your address. If you don’t I will have to redraw the competition.

For those of you who were unlucky this time around, remember that Poppet merchandise is now available in high street shops, Accessorize and Claire’s.

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And The Winner is…

18 people entered my ‘Win A Blog ‘ competition, so they all had a pretty good chance of winning a couple of hours techy help, and a years free hosting with Mandy of the Tame Techy.

We used a random number generator and the number ’16’ was drawn.

This means that First Time Mum Blog  is the winner. Congratulations!!! Could you please contact Mandy on tametechy@gmail.com to discuss what help you would like.

Mandy has very kindly extended a special offer to everyone else who entered this competition. She will provide two hours of technical help with your blog for the special price of £25; this is a 50% discount. If you would like to take her up on this offer, or would like to discuss exactly what you need help with, then please contact her on tametechy@gmail.com.


Win A Blog With Tame Techy

When I started to blog, almost two years ago, I knew I was going to need some help. I wasn’t a complete luddite but I felt that there was no way I was going to be able to get my head around any of the blogging platforms by myself.

Even trying to choose which platform to go with confused me! I did actually start out with Blogger as it seemed the easiest for a complete beginner but when I finally got some advice, it was to change to WordPress and go self-hosted from the start.

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