RIP Lightning.

When you have children, you know you are in for a mixed bag. There are some things that you can’t wait for them to experience, such as nice food, playgrounds, friendship, parties and Christmas. But for every positive experience there is a negative one, and as parents, we have to be there with our kids for the bad bits too.

The trouble is, some of the less pleasant things can really affect us too. This is usually because we have experienced something similar as a child, and we can remember exactly how bad it made us feel. We don’t want our children to go through the same heartache we did, so we sometimes handle things unwisely. read more

A Friday Fright.

Last Friday should have been a pretty normal day.

The girls were in school, DS was in nursery and my plans were simply  to walk the dogs, do a bit of house work and write another 2000 words for NaNoWriMo.

I took the dogs into one of the woods we have around here, an area where mobile phone reception can be a bit ropey at times. The dogs scared the squirrels for an hour or so, I got some exercise; it was all good.

But when I got back to the car, my phone rang. It was my husband ringing from work and his opening sentence was ‘The nursery has just called and….’. This never bodes well. read more

Hacked Off.

If you tried to visit my site over the weekend, it’s likely that you would have been met by  a red screen with a ‘No Entry’ sign on it, and text explaining that Google had found Malware on my blog. If you didn’t, you should probably download this, if you don’t already have it, and run a scan before doing anything else.

Yes, that’s right. I had joined the exclusive club that no one really wants to be a member of; The ‘Been Hacked’ Club.

It’s not hard to gain membership. Just make sure you have out of date or no anti virus software on your computer, and and don’t bother with an anti captcha or security plugin for your blog, and you’ll have your very own red screen of doom in no time at all. read more

The Hazards Of Hama Beads.

At first, Hama beads appear to be a harmless, even educational toy that allow your little darlings to get in touch with their creative side while entertaining them quietly for half an hour or so.

But there are things you should know about Hama beads. Read on, and be informed!

For those of you who were, up until now, blissfully unaware of the existence of Hama beads, let me explain.

Hama beads are tiny beads that come in every colour of the rainbow.

read more

Along Came A Blue One.

4 years ago, I was standing on a tube platform with DH when my phone rang.

It was the mother of one of DD1’s school friends, checking whether my DD would be attending her DD’s party. I was at that vague stage of pregnancy where you feel like your brain needs oiling, and the invite had completely passed me by.

I apologised and explained,’ Sorry. My brain is mush. I’m pregnant’ (Again)

‘Mmm, okay. Just a bit nauseous really.’ ( I didn’t ever do vomiting)

’12 weeks. I’m just heading in for a scan today.’

‘The Fetal Medicine Centre. Oh, you went there too?’

I’d been to the Centre before with my last 2 pregnancies at 11-13 weeks to have my risk for Down’s Syndrome estimated. They had an advanced method of screening for this disorder then, I think it may be standard these days.

Until the other mother asked ‘So, are you going to find out what you are having?’, the aim of the day’s scan had been to assess my risk of having a baby with congenital disorders as at 37, I was considered an older mother. read more