How To Show The Class Bear A Good Time

DD3 skipped out of school on Friday afternoon clutching a horribly familiar grey teddy.It seemed ‘Barnaby’, the class bear, was to spend the weekend with us.

‘I didn’t know we were booked in for Barnaby’, I remarked.

‘We weren’t’, replied my daughter cheerfully. ‘But no one else wanted him, so I said we’d take him’.


For those of you not familiar with the concept, a class bear is a soft toy that goes home with a different pupil every weekend.  It’s not the bear that you have to worry about, it’s his diary that is the complete PITA. Your child is supposed to write in the diary about all the fantastic things Barnaby did with your family. You are also supposed to include photos. It can make for a tense weekend, if you have nothing planned except a couple of lie ins and some TV.

Luckily, I did have something special planned for the weekend. read more

Sponsored Video: Madagascar 3

In our household, we like to have things to look forward to.

Holidays, daylight savings, the longest and shortest days, birthdays and other regular celebrations mark the passage of the year in our family. But other events are also marked on our family’s calendar; the opening dates of the kids’ favourite theme parks, special days at school, and thanks to my husbands subscription to Empire magazine; the dates that movies we, and the kids, want to see are due to open in the UK.

So, for this year, on the square labelled October the 19th, there is the word ‘MADEGASCAR 3(sic)’. To my children’s delight, the words ‘Half Term’ follow this a couple of weeks later. This is good news for them as half terms are traditionally linked with a visit to the pictures.

My children loved the previous two Madagascar films and are thrilled at the impending return of Gloria, Marty and Alex and their friends to the Big Screen. In this instalment, the intrepid animals are still trying to make their way back home to their Zoo in New York. Their latest attempt leads them to join a circus travelling around Europe, where they manage to inject their signature ‘Mad’agascar-style insanity into circus life.

Because the 19th of October is still a couple of months away, my children have been getting their Madagascar fix by watching the previous two movies, over and over again.

You too can join in the fun. First of all, note the 19th of October down in your diary, then watch the preview below to get an idea of what Europe’s Most Wanted animals get up to.

Then you can visit the film’s Official Site and ‘like’ the Madagascar 3 page on Facebook. You can even download the Madagascar 3 Wig Out App onto your iPhone or iPad and amuse yourself by photographing each other and adding brightly coloured afro wigs to the photos. These #MADWigOut photos can be shared with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

With all these Madagascar 3 themed activities available to keep you entertained, two months to wait isn’t really very long at all.

This post has been sponsored by Paramount Pictures and Madagascar 3, but all opinions are entirely my own.