‘Twas Different in My Day.

The other night, DH and I were collapsed on our bed, with DD3 (5 next week!)  blethering away beside us.

We were exhausted from having already forced 3 unwilling children into their respective beds, and were gathering our energy for the final hurdle. DD3  sensed our weakness and was taking advantage of it.  She started telling us about all the boys in her class that she liked; with 4 children it’s hard to give them attention as individuals and DH and I were enjoying listening to her.

It turns out there are three boys that DD3 considers might make decent husbands. Two of them, M and S, are definite possibilities, the third she wasn’t so sure about. The problem with K seemed to be his hair and you can’t argue that it’s not wonderfully wild. But why, we asked, could she not marry a boy with such lively hair? Because their children might have weird hair, came the answer. Apparently when you are 5, you believe the secret of a successful marriage is to marry someone as similar to you as possible.

They should have  same coloured eyes, the same coloured skin and of course the same coloured hair. And if you have straight hair, as DD3 does, then you absolutely, definitely, uttely cannot marry a boy with hair like a cumulus cloud.  DH and I had  a little laugh about this innocent misunderstanding, and reassured her that it’s not necessary for the person you marry to look like you. We also reminded her that you don’t have get married at all, it’s not compulsory. And then the questions started…

What do you do if you don’t get married? Um, well sometimes you just live with another person.

Can you have babies if you don’t get married? Yes, of course you can.

How old do you have to be to have babies? 30, you have to be 30;  28 at the earliest-DH and I both answered this one at the same time.

Can two girls get married? Well, this is the one that threw us a little.  The older DDs have already asked the same question but they were, well, older. When I was a child the answer to this question was NO and now, in the UK at least, it’s yes. Which is good, obviously; it’s just tricky explaining it to a 5 year old. I did start to say something about it being easier to have a baby if  you marry a boy. And at that point DD3 just smiled and said No, if  a girl married a girl they could have loads of children as they could BOTH have babies.

At that point we roused ourselves from our torpor, swiftly got her into bed and kissed her goodnight.