My Sunday Photo

These days I spend a lot of my time needle felting.

I haven’t got a specialised work space. This is my computer desk and chair that doubles as a felting table.  Sometimes I have wool lying around everywhere. This is a problem as our dogs LOVE wool. They love to rip it to pieces if they get the chance.

I’m supposed to put it up in the blue IKEA boxes at the top of the picture, but if I forget, and leave it out, THIS is what I come back to.

Guilty-looking dogs and woolmageddon!

bad dogs


Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

These are our two rescue dogs. They are both from Ireland and were plucked from certain death in the dog pounds after their 7 days were up. They were bought to the UK by a small dog rescue based in Hertfordshire and that’s who we adopted them from.  I would never buy a puppy or dog ever again as rescuing is the way to go.

They are now 3 and 4 years old, so are pretty well behaved, but the one thing that I can’t stop them doing is running off after squirrels/foxes/deer/ whatever. They never seem to catch anything, they just love to chase.

They always come back eventually, but sometimes I get very bored waiting for them to return.

This is them in the back of our car after they disappeared after something  for 20 minutes on Tuesday. Happy, muddy and totally unrepentant.
muddy dogs

Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

Three weeks ago, one of our dogs had a pretty major operation to repair both his cruciate ligaments. These ligaments in his knees ( hind legs) had spontaneously ruptured, leaving him lame and in pain.

No one knows why this happens in some dogs but it’s thought to have a genetic component in dogs like Labradors. Our dog is part Labrador. Anyhow a big operation means big costs and when we were presented with a bill of over £5K, we were very pleased that we were insured with Petplan.

Costs aside, our dog is doing really well. He’s had to be confined to a crate for a time and he is only allowed short lead walks, but he’s reached the stage where I can walk him into the woods a short distance, so he can have a bit of a change of scenery. He’s walking well, weight bearing on both legs although still sits rather gingerly.

You can see he’d really like to be out there, running free and ‘following’ squirrels. I wish we could explain to him that one day he will be able to again.

But in the meantime he looks just a little silly with his shaved legs, epidural and pain patch sites. I’m hoping his fur will grow back about the same time he finally gets off lead, so the squirrels don’t risk falling out of their trees laughing at him.


Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

Say hello to one of our dogs.

We’ve had him about 18 months and he came from an Irish dog pound, his 7 days were up and if he hadn’t been claimed by a Heathlands Animal Sanctuary, a small but fantastic dog rescue,  he would have been put to sleep.

He’s been a lovely pet, despite his less than ideal start, and my eldest daughter has been doing agility with him. They have both been doing well. But about 8 weeks ago he started to limp after getting up. He’s a very energetic dog, so we restricted his exercise for a couple of weeks and for a while he seemed okay.

But then he started to get worse and it became time for a visit to a vet. Everyone thought his pain was in his hips but the xrays showed that was not the case, it was his knees that were the problem. His cruciate ligaments, to be exact.

So on Wednesday I took him up to a specialist up the A40 where he had both hind legs operated on. Again, if you are interested in the details, he has had a bilateral TPLO. If you are wondering about the cost, our insurance company will hopefully pay out £5.5K. Thank goodness for Petplan.

Everything went well and we picked him up to bring him home on Friday. This is him in the car. To me it looks like he’s saying ‘Take Me Home’.

So we did.

Now he has at least 8 weeks of cage rest and on-lead walks only to look forward to. It’s going to be a long winter.


Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

Every school day morning, our school run starts with a game of hunt the cat.

If we find him, we lock the cat flap so he can’t go out. But if he’s one step ahead of us, which is often, then he follows us down the road to school and sits on the side of a busy road and watches walk away.

A couple of times he has crossed the road to follow us further and scared the crap out of us, but has managed not to get run over so far.

And when I return he jumps out from under a car, or down from a tree and runs in front of me to lead me home.

He waits for me to open the front door and sometimes follows me inside, but quite often he loses interest once I’m safely in the house, and heads off to terrorise the local bird population instead.


Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

This photo was taken from the top of one of the hills in Northala Fields, beside the A40 on the outbound side.

You have probably noticed these if you use this road at all, they are hard to miss. They are also quite difficult to get to if you want to explore them on foot, which is a pity as they are great for families and kids. You have to get on the the London bound side of the A 40 and get off at the Target Roundabout, then drive live you are rejoining the A40 but instead take the road to the left of the slip road. This leads down and under  the A40 and you will see a carpark for the Fields to your right.

It’s not that close to us, but I had to drop one of the dogs off at a vet clinic nearby, and so I took the remaining hound up the hill to get one last look at London in the sunshine, before winter descends. It’s not a great walk for dogs, basically the path spirals up one of the mounds and there are a lot of people using the path who don’t like dogs and are horrified when ours appear.


This day, my walk was also complicated by a film crew who had taken over my usual car park, and were filming a group of uniformed teens traipsing up and down one of the hills. I don’t know what they where filming.

If you look closely at the horizon in that photo, you can see the City of London in the distance. There are boards at the top of the viewing hill which tell you what landmarks you are looking at  and it’s also fascinating to watch the big planes land at Heathrow, one after the other.

The hills are artificial and are constructed from the rubble in the foreground, which comes from the demolition of the old Wembly Stadium.

It’s not just a great park for the summer, if we get any decent snow the hills make for some interesting sledding experiences!


Sunday photo


My Sunday Photo

Usually, when I get home from the morning school run, I am greeted by two hopeful dog faces wanting a walk.

A couple of weeks ago we changed the rooms in the house around a bit and converted what used to be my DH’s study into a bedroom, so that the kids can all have a bedroom each. This means we have a downstairs bed, and the dogs think it has been put there especially for them.

There is intense competition for it and the rule seems to be; You move, You lose.

So these days, when I return from the school run, I only have one hopeful face at the door. The other face is attached to a body busy snoozing, usually upside down on the bed in my DDs new room.

Such a great watch dog!


Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

This is DD1 and our second rescue dog, who she has taken on the task of training.

He was an Irish street dog and was rescued from a pound when his seven days were up. A very lovely rescue called Heathlands Animal Sanctuary brought him to the UK and fostered him for three months before we met him and took him home.

He’s a good old fashioned mutt. DNA tests have shown he’s got a labrador grandparent, and a husky grandparent, and the rest is a real mix. But he’s very keen to learn and is a good partner for DD1 in both dog training and agility classes.

Here they are practicing the ‘Watch Me’ command, where he is supposed to be looking at his owner and ignoring what’s going on around him. You can see the concentration on his face as he waits to be told what to do next.

He’s not perfect, and is partial to stealing food and disappearing after interesting smells when in the woods, but he’s a loved member of our family now and the thought that he was so close to being killed because no one wanted him makes me very sad.

Sunday photo

My Sunday Photo

One of the advantages of getting a new car is that we can now sneak up on our cats.

They used to recognise the old one, and when it pulled up they would be sitting on the path, crying and waiting for us to get out. If we didn’t get out quickly, they would walk onto the road which is not the best idea if you are a feline.

But now, they ignore the new one, and seem surprised when we get out of it.

This is our ginger cat on the roof when we came home the other night. He seemed quite comfortable up there, and watched us go into the house, but joined us with a frog in his mouth 10 minutes later…

cat on roof

Sunday photo