The Curse Of The Common Cold.

I woke up this morning with throat full of razors, a head full of cotton wool and snot pouring out my nose. My head hurt and I felt hot; for a moment I harboured hopes that I was ill enough to necessitate a day in bed.

But when I sat up, I realised that all I was suffering from was a cold. My heart sank. For the common cold is the enemy of mothers everywhere.

Because when you are suffering from a cold it doesn’t matter that you feel like something that has been peeled off the bottom of your shoe; you are still well enough to function. Mums can’t take sickies for a cold, we just have to get on with it, no matter how death-warmed-up we feel. read more

Tintin: The Movie.

Going to the movies has become a school-holiday treat in our house. It’s so expensive, we simply can’t afford to go more often.

We usually go on a day that DS is in nursery. At almost 4, he hasn’t quite got the concentration required to sit through a full length movie, and there is nothing worse than a bored preschooler going off on one in the cinema. Also, I find I can just about handle three children on my own. Even if one of them needs to go to the toilet mid-feature, I can now leave DD1 and the other child in their seats and trust them not to move until I get back.

Because we get to go to the movies so rarely, I’m a mean mummy and refuse to take them to films that I know, or even suspect, are completely pants. I have refused to take them to any of the Alvin And The Chipmunks, for example and The Smurfs was also a big, fat NO. But this half term, I had no trouble at all finding something I wanted to watch. It was going to have to be Tintin. read more

Woman vs Sportsbra.

For the last month or so, I’ve been vaguely contemplating taking up some kind of exercise. I already walk the dogs daily, and heft myself on the exercise bike sometimes but am feeling the need for Something More.

The secret of successful exercising is, of course, finding an activity you enjoy and can do without too much preparation. I used to enjoy the gym for the variety, but the gym DH and I belong to at the moment is a 10 min car journey away with no hope of finding a parking space. It has a lovely pool there and I do love to swim, but it’s just Too Much Trouble. I’m too big and my knee is too knackered to run. However I’m tempted by Zumba and that might be one for the future.  read more

What do you do with a Child Free Day?

Last year my son started going to nursery 2 days a week, so, after over 8 years of unrelenting mumdom, I had a couple of what my friends and I call CFDs.

People who don’t have kids  said ‘You won’t know what to do with yourself’ and ‘What are you going to do with all that spare time?’.

But if you are a mum and are lucky enough to have regular CFD’s then you’ll know it’s not all day time TV or long lunches. While the older kids are at school, I have to drop my son at nursery, walk the dogs, do any shopping for the next day’s meals, attend to any phone calls or emails that I can’t do with kids around, tidy the house, cook some meals, catch up with friends, run errands and do some work. I don’t do all of these things every day but I do do most of them most days.

I listen to the radio but never watch any TV and have a cup of something with friends every couple of weeks. I keep meaning to make lunch dates, but everyone is as busy as I am and we inevitably end up having morning tea in a coffee shop instead.

This year, my son has an extra day at nursery funded as he has special needs, so I get three days a week ‘free’. I’ve decided lunch is going to be a priority, some month very soon.