A Survey About Starting Secondary School For Year 7 And 8 Children.

This coming September my eldest child will start secondary school.

She is excited, but also a bit scared. Me, I’m mostly terrified for her. I know she’ll be fine but I’ve been doing my bit as the over involved mother by Googling and following Secondary School starter threads on Mumsnet.

But DD doesn’t want grown up advice; she wants to hear this stuff from the front lines. So, if you have a child in Year 7 or Year 8, or even Year 9 if they aren’t too busy, could you ask them to reply to this post and answer the questions below?

My daughter, along with many other forthcoming Year 7s, will be eternally grateful.


  •  How did you make new friends? Do you still see friends from primary school, especially if you are not at the same secondary school together?


  • What stuff was it useful for your parents to buy for you? What stuff don’t you use? What don’t you have that you think would be useful?


  • How do you organise doing your homework? Where do you do your homework? Do your parents help at all?
  • Did you ever get lost when you started secondary school? If so, what happened?
  • Tell me about your phone – is it the one you wanted? Have you ever lost it?
  •  Do you have any more advice for a new Year 7 ?
Thank You.
starting year 7