A Week In Jordan: London To Amman

Our flight left LHR at 10:10 am so we were a little undecided about when to book a cab for. The news had been full of how crowded LHR would be over Easter, and we couldn’t afford to miss our flight. But in our house, every minute in bed is precious; we didn’t want to get up too early.

We were flying BMI, so could check in online and live only 20 minutes away from the airport, so decided to book the cab for 7am. The plan was DH and I would get up at 6am, shower, dress, chuck the final lot of stuff into the bags, wake the kids up to get dressed and scoff a bagel, then zoom out the door. read more

Today We Must Pack, For Tomorrow We Fly

The day before a holiday is always fraught in this house.

Packing brings out the worst in both DH and I; we hate it, so we tend to leave it until the Very Last Minute.

Instead, we make lists of things we have to pack, stuff we need to find, things we need to buy and equipment we need to charge.

I’ve given a packing list to each of the girls, they have emptied the contents of their drawers onto their beds and put aside anything they think they will need. I’m steeling myself to go up and check through it all. DD1 and DD3 usually do a pretty good job of choosing appropriate clothing. DD2, not so much. read more

Preparing For Jordan

We don’t leave for almost 2 weeks but I’ve already got a list going.

I’m not a stickler for lists when it comes to everyday chores, but when it comes to holidays as a family of 6, you can’t take the chance of forgetting things. So lists are an essential part of our holiday planning; experience has taught us to work through them methodically and tick things off ONLY once they have been placed safely in the relevant suitcase.

We are travelling with Families Worldwide, and they have sent us a travel dossier which includes a clothing and equipment list. This is a great place to start, especially as it reminded us not to pack any sleeveless tops or short shorts. Not for me, mind, but the kids are especially fond of prancing about showing their legs off. It’s helpful to know that we are going to have to buy them shorts that go down a little further than mid thigh.

April isn’t the hottest time of the year in Jordan. The temperatures usually range from just below 10C at night, to the early 20s during the day. Rain is a possibility too, although it’s unlikely to be heavy or persistent. We are staying in a variety of hotels apart from the one night we are sleeping in the desert, under the stars. read more