We Made It To Namibia

 As I commented last night, our holiday to Nambia had got off to a  bit of a bumpy start, as our  supposed 9:40 Monday night plane broke down on the tarmac and we were  finally allocated a couple of rooms at a nice hotel.

This was all very well but we were missing out on a day in Southern Africa: we didn’t want to chill out at Heathrow.

Luckily the next days replacement flight left promptly at  7:20, the passengers cheered, and we were on our way. It was a horrible night flight, I got very little sleep and DS had a night terror/ tantrum/ bout of painful legs for about 20 min at 3 am, which did nothing to endear us to the surrounding passengers.

We arrived in Jo’burg at before 7 and we had nowhere to go, nothing to do until our next plane left at 1:30, In desperation we rented a room with 2 single beds and shower room, so we could all have a wee catch up sleep and shower. read more

Off On Holiday Again

What a summer holiday it has been so far, and now we are off again!

Tonight we will fly to Africa for 3 weeks; we will spend 2 1/2 weeks driving ourselves around Namibia then will spend a few days chilling out in Cape Town before we fly home a few days before school starts. I’m so excited; I’ve never been to Africa before and I’ve always wanted to go.

The kids are kind of nonplussed. They would like to stay at home and swim and watch TV. I’ve told them we will do this next year.

I am totally unprepared for the start of school, by the way- we still need to get shoes, uniforms, bags- the works! But I’ll worry about this later.

In the meantime, we still have figure out how to force 10 days worth of clothes and the biggest first aid kit known to mankind into our suitcases.

So, while you lot are sitting on your sofas , watching the closing ceremony of what has been a simply fantastic Olympic Games, think of us being crammed into a metal tube to fly overnight to the Southern Hemisphere. I think I’ve been blanking this part of the trip out; we won’t actually get to Windhoek until 5pm tomorrow afternoon!

Internet Access is going to be intermittent to say the least, so I will blog as, and when, I can.

Until then, it’s bye for now.

Stay safe. Enjoy the rest of the holidays.