From Switzerland, to France… via Italy.

I guess it’s a mark of how much confidence we have in our satnav.

‘Miss Polly’ built into the car and is usually pretty trustworthy. She’s not led us into a lake or instructed us to do a U-turn on the M25 in the 6 years we’ve had the car.

So yesterday when we had to drive from Saas Fee to Belle Plagne, we loaded the car up, merely glanced at the suggested route last just under 4 hours, and blithely drove off down the mountain.

DH had used Googlemaps to print out a back up map and both versions of our route were in agreement until we reached Chamonix. Then Miss Polly instructed us to bear left and it was only then we realised that the traffic we were caught up in was actually queuing for the Mont Blanc tunnel.

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The Gallery: Black And White.

If you’ve been reading my blog regularly over the last few days, you’ll know we are in Saas Fee in Switzerland atm.

Today DH and I took a couple of cable cars followed by the world’s highest funicular railway to the north face of the Allalinhorn, almost 3500m above sea level.

Up there the sun was blazing but there is still enough snow for people to ski and snow board. It’s not for beginners as the international ski teams that stalk the slopes have no tolerance for snow bunnies, so we simply sat in the conveniently situated ‘World’s Highest Revolving  Restaurant’ and watched the world go by while we drank the World’s most expensive hot chocolate.

I thought the views lent themselves nicely to Black and White.

We are on a Family Alpine Adventure with Esprit. This is our third holiday with them and the chances are we will be  back again next year.

If you want to see what we get up tomorrow, I’ll be updating around the same time of day.

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From Reims To Geneva.

This morning started slightly later than yesterday, at 6:30am. I have no idea why the two I was sleeping with didn’t want to sleep until lunchtime, I certainly did, but they were raring to go by 7.

We wanted to be on the road at 9 am, because we were going to have to drive for 5-6 hours. Toilet and leg-stretching stops would add at least another 2 hours to our day, and we wanted to get to Geneva before it got dark.

As it was, we didn’t get out of the hotel until 10am. DH  had to get the car out of the Hotel’s garage and drive around the streets of Reims  looking for somewhere to park. Then he had to get the roof box on the car, and get back to the hotel for the bags. I was secretly glad he’d volunteered for this task, I hate driving in towns on the continent and would probably have ended up crying as I drove round in circles on the quest for a space. When we are all together, I do usually end up driving into and out of cities, as I need DH to navigate and remind me to stay in the right lane and go around roundabouts anticlockwise. read more