Christmas With A Kiwi Accent

I’ve been trying to get in the swing of Christmas this week, so have been listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas adverts and watching cute kids share their thoughts about Christmas on Youtube.

It’s kind of worked but I felt like I needed something else; then I remembered a lovely retelling of the Christmas Story I saw online last year and hunted it down so I could share it with you.

Here it is.

Isn’t it lovely? I’m not religious at all but I just love Mary and Joseph, the sheeps, the smallest king and the star who seems to be channeling Patrick from Sponge Bob Square pants. My kids like it because they use a real baby, not just a doll.

I’ve shown it all over my timeline on FB and  my friends who have commented all mention the kids’ accents as it’s made in NZ. After the first few seconds I don’t even notice that these children speak differently to my four, but I think that’s because I still have a strong Kiwi accent myself.

But I do know what people mean about kids with different accents. I can remember listening to a couple of English children on the tube when I first arrived in the UK and thinking their accents were so cute. Now I have 4 of my own yelling ‘Mum’ at me endlessly, the English accent is not so charming. All of them  have definite British accents except for when they swear, then for some reason they lapse into a broad Kiwi accent. Can’t think why…

I am unlikely to stop sounding like a Kiwi no matter how long I live in the UK ( 14 years so far and counting) and I don’t mind.  People often ask me where I’m from, when we are out and about, and I usually find myself saying ‘Middlesex’ before I realise they are referring to my antipodean accent. In my head I sound as English as my husband and children.



5 comments on “Christmas With A Kiwi Accent

  1. I think it’s Keneally who defined the experience of being an immigrant as having children who speak in a different accent to yourself.

    When I moved back from Australia, even though we’d only lived there for a bit – I had a slight ozzie accent but it went pretty quickly.

  2. My auntie moved to New Zealand about 8 years ago now.. My cousin was 10 at the time. She still speaks in a brummie accent but he’s completely Kiwi!!! I do love the accent though! 🙂

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