Daily Rituals

When you are a mum who does very little work outside the home, it’s easy to forget that it’s important to do things for yourself.

So much of our time is spent running around after others, that when the kids are at school we tend to get on with doing All The Stuff.

There is so much that is made easier without children underfoot. Not just housework but phone calls, bill paying, shopping, organising Christmas; then before you know it, the clock tells you it’s 3pm and time to retrieve your offspring.

Since my youngest entered full time education I’ve had to fight an overwhelming urge to spend the school day making like a House Elf and ensuring everything is nice for them when they get home. Luckily, I have this blog and a half written book to distract me from cleaning and tidying but I also have two separate  not-so-secret weapons of procrastination.

These are my Daily Rituals; the things I that I enjoy and do just for me.

Number one is coffee, thanks to this year birthday present of a Nespresso CitiZ and Milk coffee machine.

I love this machine and make frothy milked coffee for myself with it at least twice a day. My husband doesn’t use it. Sometimes I make the kids hot chocolate with it but mostly it’s mine, all mine. Any other coffee is not the same. It’s not the coffee I miss, more the process of making it myself, for me.

Number two is my daily walk with the Best Dogs.

In this photo The Puppy looks bigger than The Lurcher but he’s still only a third of her size. One ear is up permanently now, the other is still thinking about it.

This is what they are doing right now. Lying/sitting beside me , just willing me to get off my arse and come walk them. I love taking them out, they are the perfect companions. They both run off and sniff and chase everything they can find. Now and again they come back to check I haven’t disappeared but when I’m with them, there are no cries of ‘Muuuum’ or demands that we go to the playground. I’m left to wander around quietly at my own pace and think my own thoughts. It’s my time and I really miss it if I can’t take them out for some reason.

What are YOUR Daily Rituals?

2 comments on “Daily Rituals

  1. I still have one at home, until next year, when he starts nursery, but I definitely have my little rituals….
    I like make myself proper coffee, with my coffee maker on the stove, after the school run. If I am at work (2 mornings a week, I take a coffee pot and make it there. I also like my evening bath, once the kids are in bed. My little slot of peace and quiet, alone in the bathroom! I get very tetchy if I can’t have it.
    That and a glass of wine at 6pm and I’m a happy camper! 😉

  2. Coffee – definitely one of mine. Also i really like coming back and making myself an egg breakfast when the house is quiet.

    And if I am going to do some cleaning – I like putting Any Questions on IPlayer to listen to while i clean. And no-one is allowed to speak when it’s on.

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