Do We Really Need A Summer Uniform?

Yellow School Summer Dresses

If you have a child starting reception this September, you may have begun to get together a few bits and pieces of uniform.

Unless you are going to a private school with a hugely expensive uniform, you can probably pick up most items in the sales right about now. It’s not a bad idea.

But, if you have a school starter  for 2013, don’t go overboard when it comes to buying ‘ summer’ uniform. Most primary schools in the UK  do seem to have one;  it’s usually shorts for boys and pretty checked lightweight dresses in various colours for the girls.

As you can see, from the photo above, our summer dresses are yellow. Luckily the school doesn’t insist on a particular make or style, because yellow seems to be the hardest colour to find. Blue, red and green are much more common in my experience.

Schools do differ in when children are allowed to wear summer uniform; ours specifies the first half of the the first term of the school year ( Sept- Oct) and the entire third term ( April- July). But here’s the thing; the children don’t have to wear summer uniform during this time.  This is a good thing because most of the time it is not warm enough for them to be wearing summer uniform.

My girls get up in the morning, look out the window and decide if it’s a summer dress kind of day. It’s rare to have a run of more than 2-3 such days. I’m not as experienced with boys, but we do have a couple of pairs of school shorts that DS hasn’t bothered wearing yet.

So my tip for any parents shopping for school uniform is, go easy on the throttle when buying ‘summer uniform’. This is the UK, and the opportunities for your child to dress for the heat will be few and far between. Two dresses or pairs of shorts will probably do; three, if you must.

And these items are often in very good condition in second hand sales due to hardly ever being worn, so if you are not too fussy then you can get your child’s summer uniform cheaply this way.





10 comments on “Do We Really Need A Summer Uniform?

  1. Ooh I love summer uniform and make Cara wear it for the whole summer term and most of September! I get her to stick tights on and a long sleeved vest if it’s chilly.

    • Ha ha! I can’t make my girls wear anything they don’t want to. They would wear the summer uniform with (brown) tights but I won’t let them.
      I do like the dresses though, very cute!

    • H will still wear summer dress if she deems it nice enough. They are getting very short on her though- even the 11-12.
      No summer option in secondary, thank goodness.

  2. I loved wearing summer dresses when I was at school, much nicer than the pinafore, shirt and tie we had for the autumn/spring terms.

    I’ve never bothered with school shorts for the boys though – some of the boys at the school do wear them in the summer. My boys prefer to stay in their trousers and just take off (and probably lose!) their school jumpers if it actually gets warm enough.

    • Our girls have quite a choice at this time of year. Shirts, skirts, pinafores, polo tops and trousers or summer dresses. Secondary school will be a different story!

  3. I’m a meanie and once Tom gets his shorts on (usually the first warm weather after the start of the summer term), he wears them right through! The girls at our school wear pink summer dresses, and I think they are a lot more popular than winter uniform given how many of them wear them in all weathers.

    • Awww- We’d have frozen down here in shorts over the last few weeks. I couldn’t do it to DS’s scabby little knees!

  4. A my children’s school they wear their summer dresses may til July and sometimes the start of September if the weather is still nice. My girls prefer there dresses to the shirt, skirt n tie!! I just make sure they wear long socks if it is a chilly day 🙂 x

  5. I have 2 little girls, 4 and 1 and a half, my oldest one is 4 years old and she also wears yellow summer dresses to her nursery. Light blue is most popular with most schools, however some other schools may wear navy, yellow, red, green, pink & lilac. Normally, schools who have a blue uniform or want you to wear blue, they say it’s ok to wear light blue or navy, navy looks sort of black. Their are different types of summer dresses with buttons and zips and you can even get striped ones! My 4 year old daughter Alice wears a zipped checked yellow summer dress, she’s in nursery size 3-4 years. However, Holly is 1 and a half so she’s a bit too young to be in summer dresses, as she’s to young for school or nursery they start at about 2-3/3-4? Well, I may put her in any coloured summer dress while she’s in the buggy waiting for her big sister or yellow so they can match.

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