Remember back to when your children were little babies and had earache. They use to rub and pull at their ears and cry and cry, didn’t they? Well, now I know why. Earache hurts a lot.

The blasted virus that has laid my family low over the last couple of weeks is still taking its toll on DH and I. He has had an earache for the last couple of days, now I have it. Now Dh has progressed to sinus and jaw pain with a smattering of tooth ache, so I guess I have that to look forward to next.

But today I woke up around 3am wondering why someone was inserting red hot skewer into my ear. I actually had tears running down my face and my pillow was wet from where I’d been crying. I was in agony.

The worst bit was that I’d been very unsympathetic to DH with his sore ear, I was sure it couldn’t be as bad as he had been making out. Now I know it probably was. So I had to do some grovelling, but eventually he took pity on me found me an ibuprofen. I was feeling so dizzy I couldn’t orientate myself to get out of bed. The ibuprofen has helped with the pain but I’m still deaf in that ear, and the same side of my face and scalp feels numb.

So today we have a household consisting of two ill grownups, four perfectly well children and two dogs bouncing off the wall needing a walk. Luckily the dog walkers were able to fit the dogs in to their schedule but that still leaves us with the kids.

Neither DH and I feel capable of leaving the house ,and we don’t have anyone who can take the kids for us, so we’ll all just have to cope.

Just as well we’ve just had Christmas, and there are lots of new toys lying around, isn’t it?


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