How Do You Feed Your Children?

Feeding four kids can be tricky. I don’t think of my children as fussy as such, but if I’m honest they are probably a little set in their ways when it comes to food.

If I only had one child I’d probably make more of an effort to introduce new foods to them, but as I have to deal with one that won’t eat tomatoes, one who won’t eat anything sloppy, one that hates eggs and another that won’t eat meat that ‘looks like an animal’ on a daily basis, it’s a minor miracle that I ever manage to produce a meal that they can all eat.

Some days I slave over a hot stove for ages, cutting up ingredients and adding just the right amount of this and that, in my efforts to provide my precious offspring with a meal that is both nutritionally balanced and tasty.


That looks lovely doesn’t it? I assure you, my efforts look almost as good as the sample photo and if someone cooked it for me, I’d be delighted.

But are my children impressed? Unfortunately not.

They pour into the kitchen, nostrils twitching and asking ‘What’s for tea?’ When confronted by my casserole their faces fall, and as one they screw up their noses.

‘Ugh’, they cry. ‘That looks disgusting’ and ‘ I’m not eating that!’ All it takes is for one of them to express their doubts as to the palatability of the meal on offer and that’s it; I might as well save dishing it up and just chuck it straight in the bin.

Their plates sit untouched while they all make themselves a sandwich and eat an apple rather than eat their dinner.

I know there are those who say I shouldn’t even allow them to forage for themselves if they won’t eat their tea, but I’m not keen to make a battleground of our meal times. Been there, done that , got the scars.

But it seems that the likelihood of  my children eating something I cook for them is inversely proportional to the amount of time I spend preparing the said meal.

Because, if I dish up pasta, pizza, chicken nuggets or fish fingers, there are no complaints and very little waste.

chicken nuggetsSometimes I wonder why I bother…


12 comments on “How Do You Feed Your Children?

    • Oh that’s lovely to hear Ellen. It gives us all hope. My eldest is the most adventurous but she’s also the one who will start refusing stuff on a whim.

  1. I know I’m lucky that the boys are pretty good eaters. Ollie tends to be a bit more cautious, but he’s better now than when he was younger – at one point I used to have to cajole him to even eat one piece of sweetcorn, and he wouldn’t touch anything covered in a sauce.

    Lyle will eat almost anything that is put in front of him. In fact, the more unusual the better. I think the only thing he isn’t keen on is ginger, but other than that he’s really adventurous.

    • I’m hoping they do improve as they get older. H is our most adventurous and J is our least, so I’m working on the principle that they do!
      I do try and keep offering different things but it can seem so soul destroying.

  2. Eldest will eat anything, not at all fussy a dream to feed. Younger one a bit fussier- used to be a lot fussier ; that was until I unleashed the lazy mums secret weapon ;-D .

    Took away packed lunches and she started on school dinners. The fight was no longer mine.

    They have a few options a day , not bad at all. Some days she found there was nothing she liked at all – but was hungry.
    She found that trying something she didn’t like was better than staying hungry. 🙂

    Problem sorted – without me going to battle . All of ‘those’ things that she wouldn’t touch ? She does now.

    So much easier to dater for her at home.

  3. Oh I hear you! I refuse to fight over mealtimes but I do insist that they have a good stab at everything on their plate – they don’t have to love it, they just have to attempt it, food is fuel, not a treat etc.

    I have reconciled myself with the fact that a 75% acceptance rate is a successful mealtime!

    L xxx

  4. Also a Mum of four here. My eldest is 12 and he’s not bad, 7yo will eat anything except potatoes but the 6 & 4yo are pretty hit and miss. Lasagne was rejected a few weeks ago – I mean, who doesn’t like lasagne?

    I just don’t understand it. I spent the duration of their babyhood cooking beautiful meals for them which they ate no problem whatsoever. What changed?!

  5. I leave the dinner on the table until the kids go to bed, I refuse to make them something else because they are hungry an hour (if even that long) after I tossed the dinner in the bin. My one year old eats anything (besides things that are sour – understandable) My two year old doesn’t eat anything but whole grain biscuits, yoghurt and cheese and my 5 year old doesn’t like anything until she is really hungry (hence why dinner is left on the table) then she wolfs down both her potion and her brother’s

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