Being First

After a truly miserable few days of children too sick for school, but apparently well enough to annoy the sh*t out of their siblings, I have finally got them all out of the house today.

I think the three that were home yesterday could really have done with an extra day off , but the girls really wanted to go in and quite frankly, I am desperate for some peace and quiet. The last few days has had me waiting on the poorly ones hand and foot, breaking up fights every 15 minutes, refereeing whose turn it is to use the iPad/ remote control/computer and listening to the others moan how bored they are.

The two older girls still had mild fevers when they woke this morning, and DS  had a 30 minute temper tantrum before he would put his uniform on, but I dosed my darlings up well with Nurofen, made lunches, put shoes and coats on them and hustled them out the door.

That was the easy part. DD3 and DS take their scooters to school with them. It makes the school run a lot quicker than if they were walking and the school provides a secure scooter park so I don’t have to lug them home again. I don’t have a problem with the scooters but I do have a problem in that both of my younger two want to Go First.

To be fair, this is a problem across the board with my kids. Life is an ongoing competition as far as they are concerned. Who gets served their dinner first? Who gets in the bath first? Even who gets in the bl**dy car first?

On the school run it is ‘who gets to go First?’ This drives me mad.

I did try leaving them to sort it out themselves but there was pushing and shoving and someone was going to get hurt. Then I said ‘No Scooters On The School Run’  which was a mistake. I had 20 minutes  moaning and meltdowns twice a day rather than our usual 5 minute stroll. Banning scooters was so not worth it, so rightly or wrongly, I’ve gone with letting them take turns at Going First.

The trouble was this morning I couldn’t remember whose turn it was to Go First. DD3 was off on Friday, but DS has been off school for the last few days. Technically DD3 has therefore Gone First for the last three days so it should be DS’s turn. But DD3 argued that she hadn’t really gone first as she had been the only one on the school run. It was too early for my brain to deal with such a conundrum so I employed the ‘squeaky wheel’ method of decision making, and  let DS go first as he was the one making the most noise.

DD3 wasn’t happy with this decision but was mollified slightly as I towed her to school on her scooter rather than making her actually expend some energy. Yeah, I know I’m making a rod for my own back but at this point I just wanted them all to be in school.

We made it to the school gates and DS started crying. Big fat tears rolled down his pale face as  he clutched his abdomen and wailed ‘I feel sick’. My heart plummeted bootwards. I was 95% sure he was dramatising but perhaps he was coming down with Norovirus now he’d just got over the ‘flu? I chivvied him along to the playground gate where he baulked and began crying again. There were teachers around, including the Head, so I was relieved when he just said ‘ I don’t want to go in the playground’ this time.

Luckily the Head noticed he was upset and came over to take his hand. He cheered up visibly and started telling her about a game he likes on the iPad, so I quickly explained he’d been unwell, but was actually okay temperature wise today. She was fine with that,  DS was happier and gave me a kiss and a hug and went off  the Head.

I powerwalked away from the playground then realised I hadn’t written any ‘ DD1/DD2/DS was away from school because she/he was sick ‘ letters. Oh well, there is always next year.

Today is my last chance of some child free time for two weeks, and I need to make the most of it. There are dogs that need walking, Amazon boxes in the hall that need emptying while there are no curious eyes around and toys that need to be sorted before we are visited by Santa next week. I can tell I’m going to have to fight off the temptation of  having a wee lie down at some point as well, I’m not feeling 100% myself.

But whatever I do , I must remember that we have an early finish today. I’m not competitive at all; I have no need to be first into the playground, but I certainly don’t want to be last.

I must NOT be the parent who picks up their child late on the last day of school.

Note saying pick kids up at 2:40!!!


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