Fjordside Views, Minced Bovine And A Lightshow To Remember

Three things. That’s all I can offer you tonight.

It’s been a long and tiring day of driving around looking for the only supermarket in Tromso  that’s open on a Sunday, and supervising kids who want to do nothing but frolic in the snow then cry every time they get cold. And despite a lovely night’s sleep last night, I don’t think I’m fully  recovered from our journey yesterday.

This was the view I woke up to this morning.

view from jetty in winter, Norway

Isn’t it amazing? So serene, it seems to change colour every hour of the day. The kids appreciated it too, for about 20 seconds and then buggered off back to bed and left me alone with the view and the WiFi for an hour. It was a perfect start to a Sunday morning.

This was our dinner tonight. DH referred to it as ‘mystery meat’ when he picked it up from the supermarket last night, but very wisely decided to use Google Translate before he fed it to his family.

minced bovine

At least it wasn’t horse and it made a halfway decent taco.

But the highlight of the evening was the reappearance of the Northern Lights. Mindful of how disappointed our children were to have missed them last night, the Lights were kind enough to show up early tonight, at quarter to six! Last night the show was over in 15 minutes but tonight they lasted so long that all the kids  got cold or bored and wandered back inside away from DH and I, who stuck it out for at least an hour before admitting defeat.

This meant I had plenty of time to try and get better photos of the light. The ones I took last night were just awful. These aren’t perfect but I think they are a lot better than the previous effort.

Northern Lights Norway

No tripod either, just a kitchen chair and a beanbag. In fact the Lights are so energetic tonight that they are still going, more than 3 hours after they started.

They have more stamina than me. I’m now off to bed.

Good night.

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