Friday Club Geek Carnival: My Favourite Gadget.

I love gadgets and we have plenty in the house, so I thought choosing just one might be difficult.

I love my camera ( a Canon S90, if anyone is interested), my little Samsung netbook, my Android phone  and my kindle equally. But then I realised there is something I depend on more than all of these.

When you have 4 or more kids, a car is no longer big enough, so you have to buy a bus. And this is ours, it’s a Toyota Previa. It comes with 7 seats but we’ve taken one out in the middle so we have a little more room, and the kids can get in and out of the back seats easily. It also has sliding back doors ,which are must when you drive a car of this size.

I love this car but can’t really call it a gadget.  However it does have a built in Sat Nav, which is often a lifesaver for me. It has its quirks, but means I can go *anywhere* with the kids, or for work, without having to stress about how to get there.  I’m now confident driving into central London, up a motorway or even on the Continent with ‘Miss Polly’ in charge. But she’s not my favourite  gadget.

My favourite gadget is this:

It’s the backing camera that comes with the car. It displays the area directly behind the vehicle using the Sat Nav’s screen when I put the car into reverse. I always used to be a ‘nervous’ parker but now I’m fantastic! With this gadget I can squeeze our big old car in anywhere and be confident that there will be no unexpected ‘thunk’ of me hitting a hidden object or god-forbid, a person.

Without my Kindle I’d read a ‘proper’ book, without my Android phone I’d probably join the cult of Apple, without my netbook I’d have to reclaim the clunky desktop downstairs and without my camera I’d just pinch the kids’ but without my backing camera I’d have to circle the block three times while looking for somewhere to park.  It saves me time and money and gives me peace of mind.

What more can you ask from a gadget?


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6 comments on “Friday Club Geek Carnival: My Favourite Gadget.

  1. I want one, no correction, need one. I can’t park at all. In fact I will only drive to places where I know I will be able to park easily. When we bought our car, we paid extra to have front as well as rear parking sensors and I couldn’t be without them.

    I am sure though I came across a car that parked itself on the American Apprentice which would be even better.

    • I bet you do. I really don’t think I could park the bus without it. A friend has a Corolla with a FRONT parking camera too. I was sick with envy over that.

  2. I really really want one of these! We have a huge SEAT and it’s a nightmare to see behind when I’m parking, I dread hitting something. I don’t even have sensors so I’m a bit of a liability when I’m trying to park 🙂

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