From Belle Plagne To Dijon.

Last night, as we packed our bags to vacate the hotel today, the weather followed suit and packed it in too.

I’ve been enjoying standing on our balcony in the evening and enjoying the night sky without the lights of London obliterating the stars and so, when I went out last night, I got a hell of a shock.

There was nothing there! No stars, no mountains, no bubble lift whirring past our balcony. It had all been replaced by a bank of cold, drizzly, grey mist. I went to bed feeling a bit cheated by the horrible cloud that had come down so suddenly.

This morning, this was the view that greeted us.

I hope you can see that the three distant mountains are lightly dusted with snow, but in case you aren’t convinced, here’s the view from earlier in the week.

The pale bits you can see in the second photo are rock, there is not even a flake of the white stuff.

I woke all the kids up especially to show them these not so far away, snow-covered peaks. I tried to show DH too but he just said ‘I don’t care’ and went back to sleep again. Then, when we were sitting having our last breakfast with Esprit, we looked out the window and it was actually snowing properly, in the mountains, in August. It didn’t last long, maybe 10 minutes, but the kids were pretty impressed with the sudden change in the weather and the snow has featured heavily in their diaries for today.

The rest of the day was much less eventful. We drove through Annecy, along the lake front, and then headed up the A40 until we stopped for a very late lunch at The Big Chicken at an aire, a little north of the turn off for Bourg-en-Bresse.

Anyone familiar with this region can confirm that the roast chicken served here is a far cry from the pallid, shrink-wrapped offerings in your local Tesco’s.

We pulled into the hotel car park about 7 hours after we’d set off down the mountain.

We are on the 5th floor, so have quite a view of the city and surrounding area but it seems awfully flat and boring after two weeks in the Alps.

Perhaps I’m not quite as ready for home as I thought I was after all?


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