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I don’t feel very adventurous at the moment.

I suppose I could post a photo of my kids and write something trite about parenting being the biggest adventure ever, but I’ve just gone a couple of rounds with a 12 year old and feel parenting is more a misadventure right now.

So I’m going to go back a couple of years and blog about our summer holiday in 2012, which was a real adventure. As a family it gave us a taste for independent travel and road trips; this is something I hope our children will take with them as they become adults.

We went to Namibia and South Africa for three weeks and it was amazing.

We flew to Johannesburg, then jumped on a smaller plane to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Despite being in the Southern Hemisphere, Namibia is only an hour ahead of the UK in winter. This is great when travelling with children as it really does minimise jetlag.

We stayed a night in Windhoek, collected our vehicle and the next morning we hit the road.

We generally drove for most of a day from place to place and then stayed in one place for 2-3 nights. The driving was an adventure in itself. There are very few shops and petrol stations, so you stop and fill up whenever you see one.

There was plenty to see while driving. The scenery was incredible and changed constantly. We often saw wild animals and were able to stop off whenever we saw something interesting.

kids on the tropic of capricorn
The roads in Namibia are not like the roads in the UK. They are generally in good condition but are ¬†surfaced with gravel and are mainly empty. We sometimes drove for hours without seeing another vehicle. You don’t want to go too fast as there are unexpected potholes and rocks dotted here and there. At one point we saw a car ahead of us burst a tyre and go hurtling off the road into a fence; thankfully no one was hurt.

On the road Namibia

During our holiday we climbed huge sand dunes,

kids climbing dune 45
wandered across deserts in search of long-dead forests,

Dead Vlei Namibia
watched the sun set on deserted beaches,

Swakopmund sunset


And had many close encounters with wildlife, some big

Shade for the baby

And some small.

biting lizard

It was mad, wild, exhausting three weeks of driving and sight seeing and we literally never knew what would be around the next corner.

And that’s what a real adventure is all about, isn’t it?

warning sign for penguins

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