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We love Halloween. It’s one of the highlights of the kids’ year and I have no problem with them dressing up and trick-or-treating their way around our neighborhood.

Some houses ┬ádisplay ‘No Knocking’ signs but there is really no need; most people only approach a decorated house on our block and the kids always come away with a bag full of tooth rotting sweets.

This year the discussions about costumes started when school went back at the beginning of September. And it was about them that I realised we had made a really huge mistake.

We were going to be away for October 31st, in a country where they just don’t do Halloween. The kids were devastated and we had tears and tantrums.

So here we are in Marrakech for Halloween week.
Djemaa El Fna at sunset

This is our neighbourhood.

The road to the riad

These are the closest things we could find to pumpkins.

Moroccan pumpkins

You can’t fit a tea light in them, so we’ll have to make do with lanterns.

Lanterns at dusk

We’ve bought a few Western treats with up to hide around the riad on the night itself, but we’ve also been sampling the local sweets.


They are mainly fruit based; figs, dates and other dried fruits but nougat also features highly.

And there are plenty of Halloween creatures around. The stray cats are everywhere and are especially attentive when you are waiting for lunch.

Waiting for lunch


And then there are the snakes…

Snakes alive


We may not be having a conventional Halloween this year, but we think the kids will forgive us eventually.

Even if they don’t get to dress up and go door knocking, they are having new experiences and getting close up and personal with the locals.

Boy and snake


We’ve assured them that next year it’ll be all carved pumpkins and trick and treating again.

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