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It’s back-to-school week and I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. My kids have been back 2/3 days and are getting into the swing of it. New teachers, new friends and in DD2’s case, a new school. It’s going to take me a few more weeks of running around like a blue-arsed fly before it becomes my new normal again. I’m still on holiday time.

The big excitement this year is that DD2 has started secondary school this week. So far it’s been okay. She’s not as naturally organised as her big sister and has some sensory issues, so I had my concerns about how she would cope.  But she’s managed to find her way around the school, get to two days worth of lessons on time and already has a little gang of friends. That’s a good start , isn’t it?

So, now I have two in primary and two in secondary and I feel a bit divided.

The primary school is just up the road; I can hear them playing at lunchtime from our garden. But the secondary school our eldest two go to  is 7 miles away and although it’s only 20 minutes in the car, I do think of my two big girls often and wonder what they are doing. Secondary school is such a different world to primary; you have to start really letting your children go. Go to school on their own, let them organise their own homework and make their own mistakes.

One of the easiest ways to help them stay on top of their workload when they start high school  is to get a couple of copies of their timetables, as soon as they are given one. Before they have mutilated it too much. You’ll see I was too last in DD2’s case, this year.

Stick one copy near where they keep their books they aren’t lugging into school that day, and stick one somewhere that you have easy access to it too. I stick them above my computer desk.

high school time tables

This will help you keep an eye on what homework your little darling might have each day, and what they might need for school tomorrow. And it’s also useful to have a copy at home for when they leave their copy at school, or even lose their entire bag on public transport.

In that case, having a spare time table doesn’t mean much, but it’s something to cling to.

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