Holiday Date Night.

Tonight DH and I had a date night while on holiday.

This was a special treat for us, as we don’t usually get to have a night together while away from home. Most hotel rooms only take 3, maybe 4, and you need to have one adult per room, so we have to have  2 rooms and one adult and 1-3 ( usually 2) children per room.

But for this holiday, we brought along a pair of grandparents as a couple of spare pairs of hands and eyes, and they kindly agreed to take the children to dinner tonight, and make sure that no one injured anyone seriously afterwards.

We thought about booking babysitters but they charged 10USD / per child / per hour which we thought was a bit steep, so we were very grateful when the grandparents offered their services.

Neither DH or I enjoy dressing up to eat a meal, so we went for the most casual option on the island: the Islander Grill. We stopped at a couple of bars as we walked up to the restaurant and had some cocktails and had a short sit by the adults only pool before heading off for our meal.

For obvious reasons, we’ve not been able to visit this facility during our stay at the Hilton Iru Fushi , but it looked very nice and peaceful in the evening.

The restaurant was lovely, and sat right on the beach. Our table was under cover, right next to one of the ponds that contained various potential meals of fish, crabs and lobsters. I’m not too keen on this kind of set up, although my attitude is pretty hypocritical considering we eventually ordered a sea food platter for 2.

It contained oysters, prawns, snapper, tuna, calamari, crab, lobster and baby octopus. Neither of us touched the baby octopus, but we tried most of the other creatures. I made a spectacular mess of the huge crab claw and it was confiscated by a waiter and brought back in an idiot friendly state 5 minutes later.

It was too much for us really and we couldn’t even look at the dessert menu, which is very unusual for us but we both enjoyed the time together immensely.

But now we’ve come back to 4 very awake children at almost 11pm, and a note informing us that we have to check out at 7.15am.

It’s our last day on the island.  Tomorrow we head to Dubai for one night, so this may be the last time you hear from me before we get back to the UK on Saturday evening.

I have 2 small children to get to sleep before I get my head down, and DH has to perform a similar action in a hut, 2 villas over. We also both need to pack.

By the time those of you in the UK wake up tomorrow, we’ll be halfway to Dubai, with 4  very tired children and a couple of well-developed hangovers.

By then we’ll be considering Date Night well and truly over rated.


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