How Do Your Choose Your Facebook Friends?


A couple of things have made me take a good, hard look at my Facebook friend list lately.

1/ People’s statuses were popping up in my timeline and I was thinking ‘Who are you?’

Once I had had a look at their profiles, I remembered how we were connected; they were people we’d gone on holiday once with, or people I ‘knew’ vaguely from a now defunct parenting forum, or from school or university.  In short, they were people I really didn’t know who had made no effort to engage with me on Facebook.

Since I’m always lecturing the girls about internet security and how they mustn’t talk to people they don’t know, it seemed a little hypocritical.

So I deleted a few of these. I’m pretty sure none of them will notice.


2/ People were annoying me. Some of them seemed to do nothing but moan.

I know my statuses aren’t always the most cheerful but I do try and throw some interesting  and humorous bits into my feed.

And other people did nothing but advertise. Sometimes I found these posts unintentionally amusing but mainly they just clogged up my timeline.

So they went too.

I’ve never had what I’d consider a huge friend list, but I’ve now whittled it down to just over 150 friends.

And I’ve now resolved to be more careful in accepting friend requests. If I know and like people in Real Life, then I’ll add them. I don’t add random relatives and I’m not sure about old school friends who just lurk.

I think I need a Facebook Friend criteria; does anyone have one they can share with me?


6 comments on “How Do Your Choose Your Facebook Friends?

  1. I’m probably not a good person to comment really. I have around 400 friends. About 150 are dancing friends (I’ve not been dancing for around 22 months thanks to having a baby) – yes some I speak to still, others I like to know what’s going on, others I have new non-dancing conversations and discussions with (more so that when I used to dance) and others were more acquaintances. Hopefully I’ll get back to dancing so I need to keep in touch and know what’s going on so I can fit back in seemlessly (I hope!).

    I also have around 100 online mum friends – we speak in a group regularly, some I’ve met in real life, others deactivate and therefore I just lose them and don’t worry about it – mainly as they’re not the ones I’d choose to be friends with in real life.

    School friends – I get rid of when they get annoying (spam, or just plain annoying), and the rest are people I see or speak to regularly.

    I do go through occasional culls, as I’m sure others have done to me, but I tend to put people in lists so I can exclude certain ones from my feeds/theirs, but still have some visibility when I want to (I’m nosy, I admit it). Mostly I just don’t accept people I don’t know or don’t want to have a 2 way ‘relationship’ with.

    Have to say though, one of my best friends isn’t on there, and as she never has her mobile on and is often out of the country she’s a nightmare to keep in contact with – it would be great if she was as it might be easier to find out what she was up to!

    • I haven’t really had a cull before, I haven’t needed to apart from the time I fell out with the entire maternal side of our family! I’m going to be a lot more careful about who I accept from now on though

  2. I’m struggling with some of my US friends and family and loose friends of of theirs on FB, because of the US elections coming up. I’m so over “Obama is an American Hating Muslim”, or stuff about Romney and his religion continually coming up on my feed, or being posted by them. I’ve used the “hide feed” feature, which helps. I’m seriously contemplating doing some deleting. I’ve also got school and uni friends I don’t have much contact with on there. It is nice for news, but really, I should trim my list a bit, I guess.

  3. I know everyone on my friends list quite well. Some I really don’t engage with but some of those are family so it would seem weird to delete them. I do cull every so often. There’s only one person who I didn’t know and she’s a friend of my MIL who had to be a friend to see photos of the kids. It turned out she was pretty cool and actually interacts more than some of my friends!

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