How Much School Uniform For Secondary School?

After all the excitement of  last Friday, and finding out what secondary school DD1 will start at this September, we’ve come down to earth with a bump.

We’ve been looking at her commute options, what this will mean for her various after school activities and how these changes will affect our family life in the new school year. The days of everyone doing everything together are coming to an end.

Then on Monday, a thick envelope from DD’s  allocated school arrived, containing 19 different sheets of paper. Lots of these were forms that need filling out but there was plenty of information  to absorb, including dates of social gatherings and induction days, along with two sides of an A4 sheet detailing the school’s uniform.

It seems the days of simply buying a multi pack of white shirts and a variety of mis-matched grey trousers from M&S are gone. The required shirts for this new school are not white, but ‘gold’.  In other words they are yellow, but we do have the choice of ‘with or without’ the school crest.

School uniform


The rest of the uniform is navy blue; blazer, jumper and skirt/ trousers and they sound quite strict about getting exactly the right style of everything.

Skirts have to be tailored and trousers must be strait legged and hemmed. Even the PE kit is very specific and includes a skort as well as shorts.

Certain items need to be embroidered with DDs initials. I had a bit of a panic at this point thinking that I would have to do this but it seems the uniform supplier will do it for a small fee. I would consider a large fee as long as it meant I didn’t have to do it and I’m pretty relieved that DDs initials don’t spell something embarrassing such as PIG, COW or BUM.

I have so many questions.Do we really need both a skort and shorts? How do you wash a blazer? And how many of everything do secondary schools need? Do year 7 girls prefer trousers or skirts? Do they normally get changed into other clothes after school, or stay in their uniform? And what colour are ‘natural ‘ tights?

I don’t want to email the school with a host of trivial questions as I’m sure they are extremely busy so it’s over to you guys.

Those of you who have children at secondary school already, can you help?



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  1. When I lived where she’s going to school, I think almost all of the girls wore skirts; in fact I’m not sure I ever recall seeing any in trousers. But it’s possible that trousers weren’t allowed then, and now they are, and are the more popular option!

  2. My secondary school wasn’t too bad (although it was dark brown at the time), but other than that, you could wear any sort of skirt (within reason on length) or trousers. Now they have blazers at most of the schools near us.
    My 6th form was public school though and was a nightmare – less so on the normal wear – just long skirt and jumper in one of 4 dark colours and white shirt with collar and cuffs. But the sports kit was a nightmare. School sweater (no-one actually wore them though), boys house affiliation meant a house rugby shirt (girls never really wore them as they only looked good worn in and at the time, girls were only in for 6th form so they never wore enough), and lots of school crest white polo shirts. After the first term, most girls discarded most official items, so it was a waste of money really.

    • Ours sounds quite strict and wearing correct uniform is something specifically mentioned in parent/ pupil/school agreement so I’m not sure we will get away with discarding things.

  3. You need to make friends with a parent of a girl already at the school to get the right answers to these questions! We used to have our blazers dry-cleaned, but perhaps now they’re made of something that is machine washable…am sure the supplier can let you know. Our local secondary school is very strict on uniform and isolates children who dare to get their shirts or skirts from the wrong supplier and all sorts. Something about being a Fair Trade school, and therefore banning all uniform purchases from ‘normal’ shops.

  4. Jo has just a couple of pairs of trousers (she doesn’t like skirts) a cardi that has to be bought from school and one blazer (bung it in the washer, hang it over the door to dry – they dry overnight). She’s grown so quickly over the last few years that I’ve just bought her stuff to top up with. She also has loads of shirts in her wardrobe that she’s never worn, preferring a couple of well worn (softer) ones. They also rarely spill food on their clothes so a quick freshen-up wash mid-week is all that’s needed (actually I’ve found they rarely eat anything at school as teen girls!!). Jo changes into leggings and a top as soon as she gets in from school. And natural tights are suntanned legs-coloured ones I think?? How exciting!! xx

    • Do you have to iron the blazer, that’s what worries me!
      DD prefers trousers but I get the feeling that a lot of girls wear skirts and I don’t want her to feel she’s made the wrong choice IYSWIM.

      • noooo.. I hardly iron anything! Shirts, really, that’s it. I did buy Jo a couple of skirts to try last year (as she felt pressured as most girls wear them) but she didn’t like walking upstairs in them, so has gone back to trousers.

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