In Pain In Belle Plagne.

We are in the second week of a two centre stay with Esprit Family Adventures.


We are staying at the amazing Chalet Hotel des Deux Domaines in Belle Plagne. We have always been quite happy staying at the Annahof in Saas Fee but the ‘Triple D’ is something else again. It’s almost a proper hotel. It has an in room fridge and telephone but it still bl**dy well doesn’t have WiFi past the first floor. Esprit, get this sorted!

Today was the first day of the activity filled week for everyone. Because we’ve not been here before, the kids have been very excited about the activities lined up for them.

Today DD1 and DD2 tried their hands at archery our 9-year-old was very excited because she got a bullseye. The little two went up to the glacier in the bubble lift, where they got to wander around the ice caves.

I thought this sounded like a great experience, so persuaded DH we should do the same thing this morning. You have to take two lifts up to the very top, which takes 30 minutes and gives you ample opportunity to admire the scenery that is very different from the Saas Valley.

The lifts in Saas Fee take you over meadows and trees until you reach the tree lines. In the Plagne area, there are very few trees and the landscape is more barren.

It’s still stunning, but not as beautiful.

Even the glacier is smaller, compared to others we’ve seen. In a few years, it will probably have disappeared completely.

But some of the sculptures in the ice caves were still pretty impressive, even though they all showed signs of melting.

So that was my good idea of the day.

My bad idea was getting off the lift half way down and walking the 6 miles back to the village. It was an impressive walk back but it was all down hill, of course.

Some bits were steeper than others.

Like the path that went straight down to this Lake. I was too busy hanging onto the rocks on the side of the path to take photos of it.

I don’t like walking downhill. My knee doesn’t like it and either do my feet. After 4 hours of scrambling down the mountain, I have a very sore knee and a blister that takes up most of the sole of my left foot.

Ouch. And no, I didn’t take a photo of the affected body part. My arms are too sore from hanging onto my walking poles to be able to approach my foot from this angle.

It’s not really what you want at the start of your holiday is it?

And we have to entertain the kids ourselves tomorrow as the staff have a day off. But at least there is Eton Mess for dessert tonight.









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  1. Ouch! I had a blister on the sole of my foot which was murder, but nothing like as big as yours. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Ouch, I hope you are now feeling better. I have really enjoyed reading about your hoiday, makes me very jealous but the photos have been stunning x

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