Iru Fushi: The Hilton In The Maldives.

That’s right, there is a Hilton ‘Hotel’  on an atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean. And that’s where we are staying, but it’s not really a hotel.

Because, instead of rooms, it has huts and they are amazing.

We are sleeping 1 adult and 2 kids in 2 huts, and the grandparents have a hut to themselves.

Let me give you a tour…

The bed is  actually big enough for four.

But the bathroom  is outside. The toilet is on the left, the shower is on the right.

The white thing in the middle is the spa bath. It’s big enough for 3.

There is a little path  from each hut, and this leads to the beach.

The beach is gorgeous, and it’s possible to spend the whole day on it until the sun sets, and only see a handful of people.

Yesterday was a very long day for everyone and tempers were lost and found, but today we all agree, it was worth it.


8 comments on “Iru Fushi: The Hilton In The Maldives.

  1. I was a light shade of green when I heard about your trip, I am now a slightly darker shade of green 🙂

    It looks lovely and you all look like you are having lots of fun.

    Enjoy the rest of it 🙂

  2. Please can The Boy and me come and join your family? I am so very green with envy! What an amazing holiday you are all having; real trip of a lifetime. I’ve read a novel set in a place like that and it sounded amazing, your photos show that the author didn’t do it justice.

    The journey was well worth it!

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