Knowing What You Want To Be

We are in the middle of GCSE-choice hell here.

DD1 is 14 and in year 9, and it seems so young to be having to choose subjects to specialise in.  It seems like such a big thing right now and a lot of the advice is along the lines of keeping your A level choices in mind!

This hasn’t helped. My daughter has only a vague idea of what she’d like to do ‘when she grows up’.  She tells me a lot of her friends are quite sure and I can tell she is getting anxious about not knowing, but surely it’s not unusual?

I can’t help because I always knew what I wanted to be. When I was four, I asked my mother if animals had doctors. It’s probably indicative of my family’s life style choices that I didn’t already know that vets existed , as we always had plenty of animals. But once I knew they were a thing, that’s what I decided I’d be. I never wavered from the idea, despite less than encouraging adults in my life, and eventually I did become a vet. Whether or not it’s a career choice compatible with family life is another debate for another day.

The point is that it’s hard to be closing doors on subjects if you don’t know if they will ever be useful to you.  DD’s school is very good at making sure all the girls get a well rounded education no matter what choices they make, so I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end but if you have a child who is 14 +, do they know what they want to do for a job?

How old were you when you decided? Or do you still not know?

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  1. My R has also wanted to be a vet since she knew that such a thing existed – now, aged 11 she has narrowed it further to ‘large animal vet – exotics’ – she has never wavered from this and whether she decides to stay on that path or change, I am very grateful because she is aware that it’s going to take A LOT of work and so really knuckles down at school.

    A is 13 and his current career choice is ‘A League soccer player’ – despite being a mediocre player at best. He will not be swayed and has no interest in anything else. His natural talents lie in debating (arguing!), history and verbal communication but suggestions of a career in law, marketing or media (all areas I think he’d do well in and enjoy) are met with much derision. This boy will be the death of me!

    I agree that it seems so young to decide – what seems like a good idea when you are 14 is ridiculous when you are 40! Still, life is long and you’re never too old to change your mind.

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