Last Days.

Today is the last day of our Esprit Family Adventure for the summer of 2011.

We’ve had a fantastic time in both resorts, Saas Fee and Belle Plagne, but now have to start thinking about the journey home. Packing for home never seems to take as long as packing to leave on holiday; it’s merely a matter of chucking everything in the nearest suitcase and sorting it out at the other end.

When I wrote on Tuesday, I mentioned I wasn’t feeling well, but attributed it to too much exercise. As the afternoon wore on, I felt worse and realised I was running a temperature, something that is very unusual for me.

I got hotter and hotter, despite hefty doses of ibuprofen and paracetamol and when it hit 39C I started to get worried, but overnight it came down a little, leaving me weak and shaky for most of Wednesday.

I spent the day languishing in the hotel reception, surfing on the free WiFi and becoming more and more stir crazy.

So yesterday, I begged DH to come out walking with me and we enjoyed a gentle, if not longer than anticipated, stroll around the ridge that surrounds the Plagne Villages. 4 hours later I was gagging to sit down for the ride in a telecabin that took us across the valley so we could catch the bus back up to Bellecote. It was probably a little more than I could chew but I’m glad I made the effort.

We were a little lower down than Monday’s trek so there was plenty of interesting flora and fauna to pause and admire.

Today we took it very easy and drove down the mountain to the local ‘Adventure Lake’ to take a look.  It was only a little swimming lake but definitely somewhere we would take the kids if we come back to Belle Plagne.

There are 21 numbered terrifying hair-pin turns going down the mountain, so it’s not a matter of just nipping down in 10 minutes.  It takes at least 30 minutes of yanking the steering wheel frantically from side to side and trying not to go over the edge.

I consider it a practice run for when we leave the resort tomorrow with a car full of children and luggage.


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