Late To The Candy Crush Party


For the purpose of this post , I’m just going to assume that you all know what Candy Crush is. If you don’t, you can find it here,  or play it on Facebook here.  You can even download it to your phone or tablet.

Take a minute or two and have a go yourself. Then get back to me…


When Candy Crush first appeared on my Facebook page, and EVERYONE  seemed to be playing it, I was bemused.

People kept posting about what level they were on.

candy crush

Then the requests for lives began. After a while I felt like this.

CC i will kill you

But after a while I learnt just to ignore them, my rage subsided and peace was restored.

For Christmas I got given a Nexus tablet and out of curiosity I uploaded Candy Crush Saga on to it. It didn’t do much for me. I only got up to level 3, decided it was another Bejewelled Blitz and stopped playing.

CC no time

But sometimes I gave out extra lives to my desperate friends. It made me feel powerful and kind although I did wonder if it was actually a form of ‘enabling’.

CC merciful god

Then a couple of months ago I started playing another game on Face Book that required you to wait for time to pass, or pay money, before you could play again.  I needed something to do (other than work) to pass the time. So ironically, I started playing Candy Crush again.

CC will be fun

But this time, I ‘got’ it.

CC jelly

I can’t honestly say I enjoy Candy Crush, but there is certainly something compulsive about it.

CC rehab

There is a brief moment of exhilaration when I finally finish a level. Or even two.

CC good day

But I’m soon stuck again. And then it’s more like this.

CC- one jelly left


Or this.

CC cleared jellies

Most of my friends have done their Candy Crush time and are now completely over it. Now I’m one asking for lives.

CC keep calm

My husband  thinks this is me.

CC something to eat

But I’d like to point I do not smoke and I manage to eat while playing very effectively.

I think what DH  is trying to say is he feels like he’s been moved further down the ‘To Do’ list.

CC relationships

Since I discovered Candy Crush, I am doing less housework. And the kids are learning some valuable lessons about the importance of patience.

CC sorry kids

I know, I know. Candy Crush is a complete time suck. I should just delete  it and do something productive with my time, shouldn’t I? It’s not like I haven’t got other things to do.

Just let me finish level 72 first…

CC leave me alone



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  1. Brilliant!!! I could recognise every single line you wrote here! And love the images you found! I feel like reposting all of them! Hilarious!

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