Lucky 13

DD3 looked at me with the air of someone about to deliver bad news.

I had just informed her that Monday had been her parents’ 13th wedding anniversary. ‘Don’t you know the number thirteen is unlucky?’, she asked.

‘Not for marriage, it isn’t’, I replied briskly. And it isn’t really.

Of course it’s just a number; you have to go through 13 to get to 14 and beyond, of course. I haven’t done any detailed research but I’m guessing if you make it to your 13th anniversary, there is a good chance your marriage will last at least another year or two.

So here we are 13 years on from the ‘happiest day of our lives’. Was  it? I don’t know, we’ve had some pretty fantastic days since.  But it was a great day and both DH and I have fond memories of it. We had a very limited budget and so made do without a professional photographer, sit down meals or table plans. We have no regrets and if we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing.

But of course, the big question is ‘What do you get your Other Half for your 13th Wedding Anniversary?’ There are websites dedicated to this type of question, so if you are looking for details of traditional and non-traditional gifts, then may I suggest you hit the ‘back’ button and fire up Google?

In past years, we have been quite lavish with presents, but this year we ‘kind of’ agreed to stick with cards. Buying each other Anniversary present is always a gigantic PITA. DH just buys himself anything he wants, anytime, and my birthday is just a couple of weeks away. Neither of us want anything in particular, so finding something the other one will actually use is always a challenge.

Both of us embraced this new agreement a little too enthusiastically, and when Monday morning arrived, neither of us even had a card to present to the other one. We parted amiably enough, muttering platitudes about doing ‘something later on’.

In the middle of the day, I dashed up to the card shop, picked something suitably risque and chucked in a £5 scratchy card as a bonus. I was pretty proud of this addition and envisioned a future where we stuck to cards and scratchies as Anniversary presents forevermore. If someone won a bit of money, we could use it for a nice bottle of wine, or a meal , or something.

DH, of course had to go one better. About 4pm , the doorbell rang and there, on the doorstep, was a small woman hiding behind a large bunch of flowers.

Bugger. DH had won Anniversary Present giving.


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