Missing All The Things

I’ve blogged before about how things go missing in this house. We are a regular Bermuda Triangle here. Last time, it was socks.

We have now solved that problem by buying a shed load of white socks, all the same style, that the girls have to share.  They are supposedly size 2-5 so on DD3  they are a little big, and on DD1 they are a little tight, but the girls will have to cope with this until they are capable of looking after their own socks. DS wears grey socks, so they are slightly easier to keep together. I suspect that the fact that there are three girls vying for white socks had something to do with our rapidly depleting  sock stocks; it’s much easier to track one pair of socks from foot to washing line when there are only two, not six, of them.

So we have the sock situation sorted. Surely my life should be perfect now?

Er No. Because our current ‘most lost’ item is hair clips. Again, some thing that all the girls use. I can kind of understand this one as they probably fall out, or get taken out during the day,  are put down somewhere and completely forgotten. Until the next morning when all three girls want two clips each and they can only find 4 between them. OMG, it is like World War III; the accusations fly and everyone claims that they put their clips back in the tin that I ask that the hair stuff is returned to each evening.

Every now and again, DH or I get fed up of the clip deficit and buy a heap of new ones, but they aren’t as cheap as you’d think. I can’t wait until they all have hair long enough to not need clips.

After reading  what I’ve written above, you could be forgiven for thinking that losing things was a ‘girl-thing’, in this household anyhow.

But no, DS has his own lost property battles. His is school jumpers. He’s a bit of a magician actually because we used to have 4 jumpers for him but now we appear to be down to one. As far as I can tell he wears them into school and brings them home but they seem to go missing somewhere between the washing basket and the washing line. I’ve checked out the school lost property but they don’t have them, so it’s a bit of a mystery and an expensive one at that!

I’m not going to start adding up how much these lost things are costing us, but the jumpers cost around £20 each. And twenty pounds would buy a lot of socks and hair clips!

It does make me start wondering at what age these kind of losses should start to come out of the kids’ pocket money, rather than just be absorbed by the Bank of Mum and Dad.


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