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Considering my children’s favourite word at the moment is ‘Epic’, used when they consider something fabulous or amazing, as soon as I saw the trailers for this film I knew we had no chance of avoiding it.

DS got to see it a couple of weeks ago with his aunt, which left his older sisters frothing at the mouth with jealousy. It’s not often the boy gets to do things first.

But it turned out that we had nothing much booked last Sunday, so we booked tickets at our nearest cinema and descended en masse for a couple of hours troughing out on popcorn in front of the big screen. And it was a couple of hours; the movie itself is 102 minutes long, add trailers to that and you have to hope you have a comfortable seat.

Because it’s a long movie, it’s probably not suitable for very young kids. DS is five and he sat through it without too much fidgeting but there were some preschoolers in the front row of the showing we were at, and their poor parents were up and down at least 5 times.

My girls all really enjoyed it, even my eldest who is 11. She said she knew it was probably a bit babyish but liked it anyway, but I really don’t think it was that young for her. There were a few scary bits for the girls, who are all complete wimps, but they all coped except for one scene where a bird is vapourised and becomes a skeleton. My seven year old found this quite frightening and upsetting. But most kids would find the chase scenes merely exciting and the bird a bit gross, I think.

mk epic

The story centres around the return of Mary Katherine  (MK) to her family home, after her mother’s death. She is reunited with her completely bonkers father who is convinced that the woods nearby is home to a tribe of tiny people. He spends his days galloping around the great outdoors trying to amass evidence for his theory, but of course no one believes him, including his daughter. Of course, it turns out he was right all along as MK discovers when she tries to strop off and leave her father, but is magically shrunk down to Leafman size and enlisted to help with the age old struggle between good and evil, instead.

Epic is an entertaining film and time went by quickly. Okay it’s not life changing and the story is not new, but the world created by the movie is very appealing and all the usual character genres are represented. The female characters are strong, the ‘heroes’  are not always so clever, the baddies are evil but have feelings too and the comic duo, Mub and Grub, will  have even the adults in your party chuckling.

Go and see Epic yourself, if you haven’t already, even just for the beautiful animation. We didn’t see the 3D version as DD1 has problems with her sight that make 3D viewing difficult but I can imagine it really lends something extra to this film.

We will be adding it to our DVD list when it comes out, and the kids will never look what’s going on around them during at a walk the the woods quite the same way again. Their verdict of the movie was, predictably, that it was ‘Epic’.


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  1. We saw it in half-term and Sam complained that it was a really short film, lol, so we had the conversation about time being relative. I enjoyed it but was a bit surprised just how much both boys enjoyed it (both 10). And how quickly they demolished the largest box of popcorn …

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